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Posted by on Mar 21, 2014 in Jesus, Zeitgeist, _Paleobabble | 8 comments

New Book Critiquing Jesus Mythicism

Another bad day for the Zeitgeist crowd.

Prof. Larry Hurtado (Emeritus, University of Edinburgh) alerted his blog readers to a new book by Prof. Maurice Casey (Emeritus, Nottingham University). The title is Jesus: Evidence and Argument or Mythicist Myths?

Hurtado writes:

It will be apparent from the title that Casey (along with practically every scholar who has considered the matter) doesn’t buy the “mythicist” case.  He is a long-time acquaintance and a well-published and noted scholar in NT.  Because identifying a person as a traditional Christian is sometime invoked (by self-styled “sceptics”) as an excuse to ignore whatever he/she says about Jesus or anything to do with Christian origins, I’ll also mention that this hardly applies to Casey.  He doesn’t argue with a view to trying to protect Christian belief or believers.  Whatever the strength of his arguments, he’s not doing apologetics!


From the publisher’s website:

Did Jesus exist? In recent years there has been a massive upsurge in public discussion of the view that Jesus did not exist. This view first found a voice in the 19th century, when Christian views were no longer taken for granted. Some way into the 20th century, this school of thought was largely thought to have been utterly refuted by the results of respectable critical scholarship (from both secular and religious scholars).

Now, many unprofessional scholars and bloggers (‘mythicists’), are gaining an increasingly large following for a view many think to be unsupportable. It is starting to influence the academy, more than that it is starting to influence the views of the public about a crucial historical figure. Maurice Casey, one of the most important Historical Jesus scholars of his generation takes the ‘mythicists’ to task in this landmark publication. Casey argues neither from a religious respective, nor from that of a committed atheist. Rather he seeks to provide a clear view of what can be said about Jesus, and of what can’t.




  1. Hi

    I like the new format, and will add it to my list of “skeptical” sites that I check for new posts every day.

    I couldn’t find a link to the RSS feed on the front page though… might be handy to add one as not everybody will guess correctly that it is

    • thanks – RSS has now been added.

  2. I’ve been reading Bart Ehrman’s book “Did Jesus Exist?” and he shreds the mythicists mercilessly and no one can accuse him of doing apologetics ether. He’s more polite with the actual scholars like Robert Price but he embarrasses the zeitgeist sources like Acharya S. aka D.M. Murdock.

  3. testing comments

    • got it

  4. I see Larry Hurtado could not bring himself to quote any of the ‘arguments’ Casey used.

    I know Casey slammed me in the book for daring to claim that the author of Matthew changed some of Mark’s wording when writing his Gospel….

    • sounds like you need to ask Larry about that.

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