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Posted by on Apr 7, 2014 in _NakedBible, Announcement | 4 comments

Mike Heiser Interview on Extraordinary Intelligence Podcast

Last Friday I was interviewed by Natalina for her Extraordinary Intelligence podcast. It wasn't specifically about biblical studies (we'll likely do a follow up and take Q & A). I note it here since it deals a bit more with my testimony than I recall giving in other interviews) and to promote Natalina. She's building a podcast worth following. We also get into general thoughts on the supernatural. It's about 1.5 hrs. Enjoy!

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  • Chris

    Mike, on your comments about, the living seeing the dead…. I have to ask, do you think the dead can be raised physically , could lead to the idea of the dead being raised spiritually ? The text does not deny this possibility.

  • Chris

    Mike, outside of time and inside of time, is strange. Maybe we should say constricted by human physical perception or not? Time is only human perceived,how can it not be?

  • Chris

    Hey again Mike, I thought it was quite random and cool that the podcast ended up talking about time. Can I ask you again, have you come across gematria;in Coptic texts at all?

  • Robert Combis

    God be loved!–This interview approached our beloved Light in several different ways—About what was said about time though–the prophesying in scripture says that God is Spirit–and so being The Spirit, there is no time with (Him,Her)So the ideas of “day” meaning millions of years, or a 24 hour day, are meaningless, God just condescends to mans sin part when He speaks. Victor Alexander, who translates from the ancient Aramaic text, put Genesis 1:1 this way, “As the Beginning, The Son creates all things”–Think about it, just like in dreams,” material” is Being, I said Being, created,(eternal now) as we dream. And remember, timelessness does not have to mean the absence of turning from one thing to another, but just going in a circle, hence the great Theological statement in the scriptures “From Him and To Him, are all things” and “Then the Son submits Himself to the Father, THAT GOD MAY BE ALL IN ALL” in a circular way.(and I put “Material” in quotes above, because another truth that we learn from reading the translation from the Aramaic text,and Enoch, is that he refers to everything in”spirits” instead of “material”. I noticed that, all the way through Enoch, until I came to a part where he said”There are spirits,and Powers”- that bothered me for a while (about powers) trying to figure out what he meant by Powers, but then I came to understand , from a certain passage in Victor Alexanders translation, that, “Powers” just meant that they were just of a lower authority, Not, some “Material” power,the way we speak these days here in English). But to go on with what I was saying before I started this insert, as I was talking about dreams– and so we do not have a consciensness of time in dreams(not in the sense that we have in our waking worlds, anyway) God is creating things in our dreams, and we have no consiousness of time in them, (again,at least not in the same way we have in our present waking worlds), and also, we often refer to either having a Good, or Bad, dream so our “consciousness” at the deepest level, is about Good, or Bad, because our dreams come from our hearts, where the issue is Good, or Bad. But to say further about an”Imaterial” universe, I say again, “God is Spirit” and we have to understand that when God speaks in the Text, He always has to condescend to man, and what sin has caused, namely, a “Coming up from being humbled”, state, which we will always be situated in, but with no consciousnness of, once we learn it.(humility that is) In other words, sin is what causes any consciousness of coming from being(a time statement), sin humbled, to Oneness with God. This is what The Holy Spirit means when He says through Paul” Through the law(or the condscending written word) shall no man be justified, for through the law, comes the consciousness of sin” God is Spirit!