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Posted by on Jul 11, 2014 in _NakedBible, Biblical Study & Translation | 8 comments

What is the Bible About?

I watched this video today (4:44), looking for something simple (very difficult to find). It's awesome. Brought me to tears. This is the sort of thing that should go viral.

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  • blop2008

    She stole my idea!!! This is what I wanted to do three years ago with a whiteboard in front of a crowd, except I never did it :-)

    I would have emphasized the Imagers (angels/humans) we are supposed to have been in Genesis 1-2 :-)

    • MSH

      There’s actually a youtube channel called “The Bible Project” that is doing this (separate from this link) with motion graphics. They are only a few videos into it, though.

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  • The bible is about the slave trade and that part is
    real. The rest is escapism and a long journey for those
    who made it. The tribes are real but the story isn’t. To explain properly in short it simply is about understanding the morals between right and wrong.

    • MSH

      You might actually want to read it. There is no “biblical slave trade” – none of the Torah, for example, is about a slave industry. There is no “trade” justified by the Bible. You can say it, but it’s ignorant and devoid of biblical data. That said, many Europeans, in the wake of the discovery of other lands and peoples, concocted racial theories using Adam and Eve and the table of nations in Gen 10. A good scholarly book on that whole issue is Adam’s Ancestors (Livingstone; Johns Hopkins University Press).

    • Ken

      @Peter – The Bible is a living book and it speaks to whom it will. A simple reading of the Bible is not enough to understand the complexity due to this. It has layers and truth beneath the surface that the skeptic could never hope to see. Without understanding it is just words and strange stories. The understanding comes when you approach it with open eyes and a true desire to see, it knows your heart. The lack of understanding is internal not external. Hebrews 4:12 For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart.

  • Jean Claude

    Someone said:

    ””’ I watched this video today (4:44), looking for something simple (very difficult to find). It’s awesome. Brought me to tears. This is the sort of thing that should go viral. ””’

    Is it for real?

    I hope it’s not you Michael Heiser.
    I respect you too much.

    Anyway, that short video is very confusingly funny.
    It is not what the Bible is all about.

    The Bible IS a book of SEGREGATION.
    The Bible is NOT a book of INTEGRATION.

    Redemption/Salvation is for Israel ONLY.

    And I am NOT a Jew … thanks to God.

    • MSH

      The video is not promoting universalism; that’s nonsense.

  • peter millar

    Interesting video as it covers old and new testaments. I have also produced something similar but not quite the same. Will send it through when I can get to a desktop. Its a 1 minute challenge. The combination will be in how you are able to work it out.