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Posted by on Jul 16, 2014 in _NakedBible, Bible and Archaeology, Hebrew Bible (OT), Reviews, books | 5 comments

Two Reviews of Archaeologist Israel Finkelstein’s Minimalist Approach to Monarchic Israel

The Biblical Archaeology Society's Bible History Daily website recently featured two reviews of Israeli archaeologist Israel Finkelstein's new book, The Forgotten Kingdom: The Archaeology and History of Northern Israel (Ancient Near East Monographs). Both have value for readers interested in archaeological approaches to biblical Israel in the monarchic period, particularly the time of David.

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  • blop2008

    Oh, timely, as Im continuing to read Hector Avalos’ “The End of Biblical Studies” (2007) in which he critiques Finkelstein for his supposed arbitrariness in archaeological findings.

    • blop2008

      Well, after reading the reviews, maybe Finkelstein is really arbitrary after all. It just shows my ignorance on archaeology. But Avalos severely critiques Dever as well.

      • MSH

        Maybe because Dever isn’t an atheist; only atheists are real scholars. :-)

  • Patrick

    Wow, Dever was harsh.

    Both seem to have valid rebuttals though.

    • MSH

      He’s always harsh. He had (still has, though retired) the reputation for being archaeology’s bad boy.