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All Commentaries are Not Created Equal, Part 1

In my experience, most students who venture beyond just reading the Bible have heard of Bible commentaries. But in case someone reading this hasn’t heard the term before, I should explain. A Bible commentary is just what it sounds like — a book that provides comments on the Bible. Commentaries are most commonly written one a particular book of the Bible (e.g., Genesis), but they can actually span several books (e.g., a commentary on the Torah, the first five books of the Old Testament) or the entire Bible. Commentaries that cover the entire Bible (all 66 books) are usually...

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All Commentaries are Not Created Equal, Part 3: Commentary Recommendations

In response to my two previous posts about commentaries, several readers have asked me for recommendations on commentaries. This is a little like asking me to recommend a Bible translation (see here for my thoughts on that), but this request actually calls for more critical opinion. That said, it would take me days to go through all 66 books of the Bible to make recommendations. Thankfully, scholars out there have already done that! There are two inexpensive books whose aim is to survey commentaries: Old Testament Commentary Survey, by Tremper Longman (160 pp) New Testament Commentary Survey, by D....

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All Commentaries are Not Created Equal, Part 2

To continue with what separates a good commentary from a lame one (with respect to engaging the original text), we’ll look at a New Testament example this time. For newcomers, please see my first example, as well as the post that started this trajectory about ending Bible study as most think of it. Like the example from Exodus that I used in the earlier post, here’s a New Testament passage where there’s a lot more than meets the eye: 1 Therefore, having this ministry by the mercy of God, we do not lose heart. 2 But we have renounced...

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All Commentaries are Not Created Equal, Part 4

This is actually a short follow-up to Part 3, where I recommended some commentary sets. In that post I had two links to web pages on the Denver Seminary website to their own commentary recommendations. I have gone through that site and highlighted the volumes I have used and can recommend as useful — though with the caveats given earlier still in place — that I use resources that engage the text. My own tendency is to use commentaries like these to mine the footnotes to get to journal articles.  So, for me, commentaries that engage the text plus...

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Paul’s Use of Genesis 15:5 in Romans 4:18 in Light of Early Jewish Deification Traditions: Part 6: Origen’s Commentary on Romans 4 and the Reception of the Qualitative Interpretation

This is the final installment of David Burnett’s guest series.   This reading of Genesis 15:5 may appear novel yet it has an ancient antecedent in one of the earliest commentaries on Romans. Origen believed that in Romans 4, Paul did in fact understand the Abrahamic promise of Genesis 15:5 to become as the stars qualitatively. In his Commentary on Romans 4.6.4, he states: “Thus Abraham ‘against hope believed in hope that he would become the father of many nations,’ (Rom 4:18) which in the future would be like the stars of heaven, not only in terms of the...

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