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Update: Last Call to Participate in 100th Episode of Naked Bible Podcast

**UPDATE**  Deadline for submissions is 2pm CST/ UTC -5 hours/ 7pm UTC Friday, May 13th.   You can still submit your audio recording to Trey: Please give us 1-2 minutes of how you found the show, why you listen, or how you use the content, and include your first name and where you are from. Be part of the show’s...

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Naked Bible Podcast Episode 99: Debunking New Testament Manuscript Conspiracies

The episode is now live. This episode is in response to listener requests. Mike and Trey interview Rick Brannan, the information specialist for Greek New Testament products and databases at Logos Bible Software, about how we got the New Testament, the KJV-only idea, and conspiratorial views about the history and transmission of the Greek New Testament. We also talk about tools for learning about the Greek New Testament and its vocabulary. Rick is the general editor of the Lexham English Septuagint, translator of The Apostolic Fathers in English, and author of Greek Apocryphal Gospels, Fragments, and Agrapha. Links: Summary...

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Cuneiform Lexical Lists: Another Reason Sitchin Was Wrong

The Ancient History website just published this short essay on cuneiform lexical lists — basically, the ancient equivalent of bilingual (and otherwise) dictionaries for Sumerian and Akkadian produced by the ancient scribes. From the opening paragraph: Lexical lists are compilations of cuneiform signs and word readings written on clay tablets throughoutMesopotamia. From the late 4th millennium BCE up to the 1st century CE, scribal communities copied, modified, and passed on these cuneiform lexical lists and preserved them for as knowledge for a variety of purpose From another site, we read: “Sumerian lexical lists were provided with Akkadian translations in order to...

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PEERANORMAL Episode #2: Psychic Animals?

The episode is now live. Pet-owners often observe behavior that makes them wonder if their pet has a psychic connection to them. One example is the perception that a dog or cat “knows” when its owner is on the way home. This episode of Peeranormal discusses some peer-reviewed experiments into “psychic animals” and the ability to know when owners are coming home. Is the explanation Psi/telepathy or something...

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