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A Biblical View of Ghosts

This might seem like a weird way to kick off the Naked Bible blog, but it’s actually a good subject for illustrating what will make this blog different than any other Bible study blog on the web. How? Just stay with me through the series. Christians typically assume (and I hope you’ve heard the old bromide about what happens when we assume things) that ghosts are demons. This is simply not true, and it is demonstrably untrue with respect to the biblical text (both testaments). If you don’t believe that, here’s a quick proof before we actually get into...

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Gospel of Judas Apology

Let’s file this under the “too little, too late” category.  National Geographic has apologized for its television  special on the Gospel of Judas.  A new edition of the gospel with a “thoroughly updated translation” has now been put forth which, to cite Gnostic scholar Birger Pearson, acknowledges “the flawed scholarship of the original edition.” NG itself admits to putting out a “sensationalized reading.”  Oops. Now if only we had done objective scholarship in the first place.  Remind anyone of any other over-hyped claims about the ancient Christian world?  Jesus Tomb? DaVinci Code?  Why didn’t Elaine Pagels and Bart Ehrman...

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