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For Those Interested in New Testament Textual Criticism and the Byzantine-Majority Text

I recently received this announcement from my Danish friend, Ulrik Sandborg-Peterson, who developed the very useful Paradigms Master Pro Greek and Hebrew parsing practice tool. Ulrik has been instrumental in bringing resources for the study of the Byzantine-Majority text to the web: Announcing The Robinson-Pierpont Byzantine Textform, along with various resources developed by Maurice A. Robinson, have a new home on the web at The website contains freely downloadable resources and pointers to further information about the Byzantine Majority text. Audio downloads of the entire Greek New Testament Byzantine text (1991 edition), spoken by Maurice A. Robinson. A downloadable Reader’s...

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Inept Astro-Prophecy Wizard Undeterred by Ineptitude

These three search results (ranked in order) on Google tell you all you need to know: Is the end of the world on September 23 and what is David Meade’s ……/end-of-the-world-september-23-planet-x-nibiru-david-mea… Sep 24, 2017 – Christian conspiracy theorists have gathered clues that suggest the end of the world is nigh. Is the end of the world today on October 15 and what is David Meade’s ……/end-of-the-world-october-2017-planet-x-nibiru-david-mea… 4 days ago – A seven-year series of catastrophic events including earthquakes, hurricanes, nuclear attacks and volcanic eruptions is set to begin NEXT … Missing: 19 Planet Nibiru: David Meade predicts Doomsday will arrive on...

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It Had to Happen: Heiser-isms About the Bible

A few days ago while I was traveling this popped up on my Twitter account: 10 Quotes That Challenge the Way You Study the Bible It’s a post by Jake Mailhout of Lexham Press about my new book, The Bible Unfiltered: Approaching Scripture on Its Own Terms. While blogging about the post is a bit awkward for me, I hope it encourages you to buy a copy — or several — for yourself, friends, and family. Truth be told, the content of the book was written on company time, so I get no royalties. But I don’t do what...

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What is Christian Middle Earth? A Brief Explanation

I’ve given my theory of Christian Middle Earth (CME) so many times that I can’t remember who’s heard it and who hasn’t. So I thought a post on it was long overdue. In over-simplified terms, Christian Middle Earth is that realm between actual biblical scholars (people with real credentials who write for peer review — and mostly write for themselves) and the largest realm, the local church, where serious biblical content is like a Bigfoot sighting. CME is home to the prophecy teaching circuit (think John Hagee or Jonathan Cahn, or Planet X nonsense), charismania (think Bill Johnson or Benny Hinn), Christian conspiracy talk (aliens, nephilim, and UFOs are part of the end times; the Catholic church is hooked up with the Illuminati), Bible codes, Christians who believe in a flat or hollow earth, etc., etc. Christian Middle Earth has a lot that’s wrong with it. Three-quarters of what gets taught there doesn’t have a prayer of being correct. But it has one important thing going for it. It’s filled with Christians who desperately want content — so much so that they venture out to teach themselves via the Internet and YouTube. They haven’t quite the faith or trying to learn Scripture. CME is all they know since the real scholars aren’t producing material for them in a deliberate way. I admire them, but CME is often soul-crushing for...

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