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Unseen Realm Kindle Problem

I’m aware (from numerous emails) that there is a problem with the order/delivery of Unseen Realm for Kindle. It has to do with the high number of hyperlinked Scripture references in the Kindle file. The publisher (Lexham Press) tells me that the book is just too biblical for Kindle! 🙂 They’re working on a solution. I’ll announce it when the problem is...

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Not Good News: The New NAR “Passion Translation” of the Bible

This just popped into my In box. I apologize for being so behind the curve on this but, as I noted on my “About” page, I don’t follow the NAR (New Apostolic Reformation) nor do I think its distinctive teachings are scriptural. But lots of movements have those sorts of problems . . . but not all movements produce their own translation of the Bible to prop up their teachings. The NAR has moved down that road. As Holly Pivec writes: Simmons has taken verses of Scripture that have nothing to do with NAR teachings or practices and reworded them so...

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Catholic Skeptic Candida Moss at it Again

Someone just sent me this short article from the Daily Beast by church historian Candida Moss: “Nero, the Execution of Peter and Paul, and the Biggest Fake News in Early Christian History.” Basically, it’s about how Christians really weren’t persecuted by Nero as part of the great fire of Rome because the term “Christian” wasn’t in use by 64 AD. If you’re thinking the book of Acts’ references to Christians rebut that, Moss just says you can’t trust Acts — it was written after 64 AD (Moss notes scholars disagree but basically just ignores that point; see below). Candida Moss was the scholar who told us that Christians really weren’t persecuted like church tradition has it. Scholars have pointed out that her definition of persecution was too narrow — essentially front-loading the conclusion in the data. Sigh. Aside from the fact that plenty of scholars would assign an early date to Acts which would fit just fine with the Nero chronology, this idea is another example of scholarly illogic. (I’ve mentioned before how I once said — in a doctoral seminar — that all scholars should be forced to take at least one course in logic). Moss commits the (I should think obvious) logical error of presuming no one used a term in SPOKEN discourse before a term was WRITTEN. Really? Think about the illogic of that. Did peoples...

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Article on Rethinking Biblical Language Instruction by Naked Bible Podcast Guests Just Published

Last November I interviewed Dr. Carl Sanders and Dr. Thomas Hudgins about their controversial paper delivered at the annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society. The paper argues that major shifts in thinking about how biblical languages are taught and what the goals of that instruction should be are long overdue. I was of course in agreement (I’m quoted in the conference paper). The paper has now been published in an academic journal: Carl Sanders, “Biblical language instruction by the book: Rethinking the status quaestionis,” Teaching Theology and Religion 20:3 (2017): 216-229 As with most journal articles, it is...

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