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What is the Bible’s Big Story? Part 4

This post is a continuation of Parts 1, 2, and 3 by Dr. Ronn Johnson. Dr. Johnson recommends listening to some of the Leviticus podcasts at one point, and that’s good advice (see the episodes on Lev 4 and 5). For those who might remember the series on Leviticus, with respect to this installment, it’s good to recall that the blood of the sacrificed animal was never applied to the offerer who needed to bring it. It’s also good to recall that most of the sacrifices for sins in the OT were about being made fit for sacred space,...

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How To Argue From the Biblical Text for a Local-Regional Flood Instead of a Global Flood

I’ve gotten this question before in podcast Q & A, but I was reminded of it today when someone posted this article on Facebook, aimed at “flood geology”: Twenty-One Reasons Noah’s Worldwide Flood Never Happened. It’s by a retired geology professor. I don’t understand the science as I’m not a geologist, but I do know biblical studies. It’s actually not difficult to argue for a local-regional flood from the biblical text. In what follows I’ll show you how. My purpose is to say that, if a global flood really is geologically denied or impossible, you really don’t need to care...

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Peter Gurry of Evangelical Textual Criticism Blog Reviews “Fragments of Truth” Film

I recommend reading Peter’s even-handed review of “Fragments of Truth,” created by Faithlife Films. I’ve posted the trailer before, but here it is again. The visual quality is very high and, as Peter notes, it’s filled with many scholars whose expertise in New Testament textual criticism is well known in the...

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