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Gaia TV-Jaime Maussan Mummy Fraud Exposed

The UFO Watchdog has an informative write-up chronicling the demise of yet another Jaime Maussan fraud: Gaia-Maussan Mummy Comes Unraveled. I can hardly wait until the next one. I wonder what’ll come first … a new phony end of the world date or another Maussan fiasco. The article features a screenshot of the DNA report below along with commentary: “This looks to be a single page from a forty-two page report and this page clearly states that a bone sample taken from the hand of the mummy was examined and found to be “a 100% match to Homo sapiens (human).”...

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Naked Bible Podcast Episode 179: Interview with Holly Pivec: What is the New Apostolic Reformation?

The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) seems to quite clearly justify labeling it a movement or denomination. Millions of people around the world are part of its network of churches. However, many NAR leaders and advocates deny that it’s a denomination or movement. Many Christians who are attracted by NAR teachings and practices have no idea that something called the NAR even exists. For those aware of its influence and presence within Christianity, the NAR has branded itself as representing the return of authoritative apostles and prophets to the modern church, complete with miracles such as healing and raising the...

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New Evidence Neither Aliens Nor Nephilim Were Needed to Build the Pyramids

It made me sad to even have to type that post heading. But let’s face it. It’s news to a lot of people. Headlines of this sort have been drawing a lot of attention in recent days: Ancient Papyrus Reveals How The Great Pyramid Of Giza Was Built. It’s significant news. The papyrus was actually published a while ago. It seems to be getting recycled because of some new TV shows on the pyramid. The papyrus has been named the “Diary of Merer.” The above news link summarizes its importance: Merer described how the limestone was taken from Tora...

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Naked Bible Podcast Episode 178: Why the World Didn’t End on September 23

The short answer: Because the people who said it would are either inept Bible interpreters or false teachers. For why that’s the case, listen to the episode – recorded on Sept 22. Description: September 23 has come and gone. The world didn’t end. Jesus didn’t return. There was no rapture. Planet X (Nibiru) never showed up. Why not? The answers involve both astronomy and sound biblical interpretation. We’ll leave the astronomy to experts in that field. We’ll consider the biblical reasons why the September 23 prophetic date-setting was nonsense. Those reasons are actually transparent, at least if we care...

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