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Naked Bible Podcast Episode 150: Ezekiel 35-36

These two chapters seems intrusive. The oracles against the nations ended in Ezekiel 32, followed by the announcement of Jerusalem’s fall (ch. 33) and a transition to the future hope of Israel (ch. 34). Chapters 35-36 are an oracle against Edom (“Mount Seir”) followed by more restorative language in Chapter 36. This episode of the podcast explains why Ezekiel 35 isn’t interruptive because, for the Israelite and OT theology, the judgment of Edom was part of Israel’s restoration to her former glory. Chapter 36, more obviously about the future hope of Israel, raises important questions about eschatology. Specifically, many...

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The Unseen Realm and the Mission of the Cross (the Church): A Common but Significant Question

This may be controversial in terms of the illustration I’ll use to, but I find the illustration has explanatory power. I think our real problem isn’t how darkness has adapted, but how believers have changed (i.e., their thinking). I’ll try and explain. I just posted this over on the Faithlife Group for Lexham Press. It’s off-the-cuff in many respects since it’s forum material, but it seemed worth posting here as well.   I was asked a few weeks ago in Arkansas how the material of the Unseen Realm helps us with our mission as Christians. I’ve been asked that...

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The Myth of Double-Row Teeth and Elongated-Skull Nephilim

I’ve blogged once before about this point of pseudo-research as it relates to using the Talmud for its justification. In biblical thinking and history, however, the nephilim (who were unusually tall) died out in biblical times. That means there were no modern nephilim in North America of anywhere else. I know all about the books that (allegedly) chronicle giant clans in North America. They are entirely based on 19th century and early 20th century newspaper reports. While I believe that it’s certainly plausible for someone to come across a human skeleton of unusual height (say, 6’6” on into the...

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Mike Heiser’s 60-Second Scholar Books for Logos Editions Now Available on Pre-Pub

Well, this took a year, but my three 60-Second Scholar books are now available on pre-pub. They are being sold as a set. “Pre-pub” pertains to Logos Bible Software editions of the books, not print or Kindle. This is a different digital version. I hope you’ll order them (even if you aren’t a Logos Bible Software customer, you can get them and you’ll get the software’s engine to read them on your computer — and phone, with the Logos app). The three titles are: The 60 Second Scholar: 100 Maxims for Mastering Bible Study The 60 Second Scholar: 100 Insights That Illumine the Bible The 60 Second Scholar: 100 Observations on Bible Doctrine The books contain 100 essays, each 400-600 words long, so they’re quick reading....

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