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Heavenly Worship in Second Temple Judaism, Early Christianity, and Gnostic Sects: Part 3

Guest blogger, Stephen Huebscher This is the third of five posts in this series. B. CONCEPTIONS OF HEAVENLY WORSHIP IN EARLY CHRISTIANITY Early Christian conceptions of heavenly worship drew heavily on the OT and, not surprisingly, show a similarity, though with some important differences.  Revelation and Hebrews are undoubtedly the most important NT books to gain an understanding of the heavenly liturgy and its significance for Christians on earth. Revelation Revelation 4—5 is the most comprehensive of all the worship scenes and hymns in the book.  It has a number of OT antecedents, including Exodus 19, Isaiah 6, Ezekiel...

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Mike’s New Book, The Bible Unfiltered, Available for Pre-Order on Amazon

I just saw the link on Amazon appear for my next book. It’s entitled, The Bible Unfiltered: Approaching Scripture on Its Own Terms. It’s the second collection of my articles published in Bible Study Magazine, which means it’s a follow-up to the first collection, published as I Dare You Not to Bore Me with the Bible. You can now order The Bible Unfiltered on Amazon, but the book won’t ship until October 4. UPDATE: The Kindle version will be available on October 4 for order (not earlier, so I am...

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The Myth of an Aramaic Original New Testament

I get questions about whether the New Testament was originally written in Aramaic. Some really aren’t questions; they are (I presume) well-meaning people trying to inform me of the “fact” of Aramaic primacy. In light of those sorts of emails, it was nice to come across a well-written summary of why this is a myth (by a professional Aramaic translator no less) It is an even-handed discussion that goes beyond the way I try to disabuse people of the myth in a shorter, less elegant way. I would only add that this discussion makes zero sense for the two-thirds...

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