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Rice University Scholar Jeffrey Kripal: Meet Diego Cuoghi

Jason Colavito has a lengthy, but worthwhile (as usual) post on Rice University Prof. Jeffrey’s Kripal’s claim for UFOs in medieval art. Kripal shows his unfamiliarity with the work of art historian Diego Cuoghi on this matter. PaleoBabble readers should be familiar with Cuoghi’s site by now — it’s the major repository for showing what these objects in medieval and Renaissance paintings really are (via similar examples). Kripal points gullible followers to the Madonna Col Bambino E San Giovannino (“Madonna and Child with the Infant Saint John”): Cuoghi’s site of course discusses this painting. He draws on plenty of...

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Tom DeLonge: Stop the Madness

Robert Sheaffer has another funny-but-sad essay on the antics of Tom DeLonge, he of Blink182 fame (I confess to not knowing anything about the group, but it helps with Google search results so there it is). Sheaffer chronicles some fake photos and such that DeLonge has been posting (and removing) that are part of his effort to make money on disclosure. Here’s a choice paragraph: Now that a few weeks have passed since that famous announcement, we are getting a clearer picture of DeLonge, and his venture (which has now raised almost $2 million from “investors”, who are perhaps...

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PEERANORMAL Episode 13: Bible Codes

Back in mid-nineties a peer-reviewed article was published that sought to legitimize the idea that the Hebrew text of Genesis encrypted meaningful information about modern persons and events. Their method for detecting the presumed encrypted knowledge was known as equidistant letter sequencing (ELS).This article (Witztum, Rips, and Rosenberg) became a reference point for journalist Michael Drosnin, who wrote the bestselling book, The Bible Code, shortly thereafter. Subsequent to the success of Drosnin’s book, Bible-code research expanded to the full Torah and beyond, to the rest of the Hebrew Bible. In this episode we ask whether there is such a thing as ELS Bible...

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First Look at the New 60-Second Scholar Series

Below are the covers of the new 60-Second Scholar series. They are now available on Amazon for pre-order, but will only be released May 1. You may recall that Zondervan acquired this series from me, explaining why the old books were retired on Amazon (and now have stupidly high prices attached to them). Each book has been trimmed from 100 short essays to 80....

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Christmas a Pagan Celebration? What You Know May Not Be So

Hat tip to Stephen Huebscher for this one! Here’s a link to an interesting short essay on this topic. The author argues (with some justification) that rather than Christians adapting a pagan holiday to their sacred calendar, pagans co-opted December 25 from Christians. Here’s a teaser paragraph: It is true that the first evidence of Christians celebrating December 25th as the date of the Lord’s nativity comes from Rome some years after Aurelian, in A.D. 336, but there is evidence from both the Greek East and the Latin West that Christians attempted to figure out the date of Christ’s...

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