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Mike Heiser’s 60-Second Scholar Books for Logos Editions Now Available on Pre-Pub

Well, this took a year, but my three 60-Second Scholar books are now available on pre-pub. They are being sold as a set. “Pre-pub” pertains to Logos Bible Software editions of the books, not print or Kindle. This is a different digital version. I hope you’ll order them (even if you aren’t a Logos Bible Software customer, you can get them and you’ll get the software’s engine to read them on your computer — and phone, with the Logos app). The three titles are: The 60 Second Scholar: 100 Maxims for Mastering Bible Study The 60 Second Scholar: 100 Insights That Illumine the Bible The 60 Second Scholar: 100 Observations on Bible Doctrine The books contain 100 essays, each 400-600 words long, so they’re quick reading....

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Can Fallen Angels be Redeemed?

As I mentioned in the recent episode of the Naked Bible Podcast, the subject of angelic redemption seems to be percolating on the internet. I’m not sure of the reason. I am sure, as we discussed on that podcast episode, that the idea has led to disastrous spiritual calamity for some. Consequently, it seemed time to address the topic. Before getting into the topic, I should note that some online think my “arguments” against angelic redemption are weak. This is curious, since I’ve never written anything on the subject. I don’t address the topic in The Unseen Realm. I...

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Naked Bible Podcast Episode 149: Q & A with Fern, Audrey, and Beth: Distinction from Deliverance Ministry

This episode follows episodes 68 and 120. Fern, Audrey, and Beth minister to trauma victims whose trauma has produced DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) or involved Trauma-based Mind Control (TBMC).  If those terms and associated concepts are unfamiliar to you, then episode 68 is an essential precursor to this episode. This episode focuses on addressing listener questions about this ministry. What you’ll hear in this episode, however, isn’t a model for ministry. As you listen, do not assume you can take what’s said today, get the transcript, make a checklist, and do this sort of ministry. The episode discusses in...

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Book Review: The New Christian Zionism

Most Christians are interested (and many absorbed) by the topic of the future of Israel and how, in the wake of the New Testament emphasis on the Church as the people of God (Gentiles included), Israel still matters. The New Christian Zionism: Fresh Perspectives on Israel and the Land looks like an important book discussing that topic from various angles, judging from the review on the My Digital Seminary blog. Here are some excerpts of the review: Like many in my age group, my upbringing was filled with New Year prophecy updates and Left Behind novels. Growing up in the...

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