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60 Second Scholar Books to be Re-published by Zondervan

Many of you have asked about the status of my self-published three-book 60-Second Scholar series. The books are no longer available for purchase on Amazon, and some folks have posted ridiculous prices for used copies. I had to “retire” the series on Amazon because I was in negotiation with several mainstream Christian publishers who expressed interest in picking them up for their own re-publication. I can now announce that Zondervan has picked up the books for re-publication. The name should be familiar. Zondervan is owned by Harper Collins, and has been a major publishing house in the Christian world for decades. The 100 entries in each original 60-Second book will be trimmed to 80 entries and re-formatted a bit. Zondervan will release the series in May 2018. This also means that the Logos versions of the series that went up on pre-pub just before negotiations began have been halted. Logos editions of the new series will be produced after the May 2018...

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David Burnett Speaking on the Divine Council at Mosaic Church in Austin, TX

June 23 … This is pretty cool. I’m glad to see churches have the courage to expose their people to the Bible in its own context. (Think about that statement). David’s topic is: “The Divine Council: The Falling and Rising of the Sons of God.” The event is scheduled for Friday, June 23, at 6:30 pm. The address is: Mosaic Church Austin 12675 Research Blvd. Austin, TX  78759 For more information, click here. It should go without saying that if you can make this event, please go. Churches who step up to give people content should be encouraged. And...

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Mike to Co-Host a Trip to Israel in May 2018

This has been in the planning for a few months, and now it’s official: I won’t be the tour guide, but I will be doing some teaching and commentary at significant sites on the tour. As the banner notes, Derek and Sharon Gilbert will be contributing in the same way as well. I don’t know how large the group will be, but it should go without saying that space will be limited. Click here or on the banner for more details....

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Naked Bible Podcast Episode 162: The Evil Eye

The “evil eye” was a widespread superstition in the ancient world, one that continues on into the present day. The belief that one could cause someone harm merely by looking at them, or cast a spell over them by the same means, shows up in ancient Egypt, Mesopotamian, Greece, Rome, and Rabbinic writings. But does the Bible contain any reference to the notion? This episode explores biblical references to having an “evil eye” and discusses the meaning of those references in biblical thought. The episode is now...

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