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True Lies: The Reality of UFO Deception

Jack Brewer recently posted a short, cogent essay defending the reality of UFO “mirage men” — government disinformation agents whose work propelled (propels?) UFO interest and inquiry in decades gone by. His post most immediately defends the perspective of James Carrion, who focuses on this sort of thing in his own research. Carrion recently wrote an essay on his own blog entitled “Human Deception at Play during the UFO Wave of 1947,” which illustrates (with circumstantial documentation) how “mirage men” could have been involved in UFO events of that famous year. I’m in agreement with Jack and James. I don’t see...

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Short Introduction to the Apostles’ Creed

Listeners to the Naked Bible Podcast will recall that I had Rick Brannan on as a guest. Rick has produced a short (82 pp), 12-week introduction to the Apostles’ Creed that is available on Amazon and Kindle. While I’m not a fan of creeds, the Apostles’ Creed is so compact that it doesn’t suffer from problems that occur with later confessions — elaboration and proof-texting....

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John Piper Blogs on Psalm 82 — and Doesn’t Fudge the Text

I just wanted to extend a thanks to John Piper for his recent essay on his Desiring God blog. Dr. Piper’s short essay on Psalm 82 was entitled, “Putting the Gods in Their Place.” I hope you’ll all give it a read. (Thanks to those who brought it to my attention). While I wish Dr. Piper hadn’t used scare quotes around the word gods, he doesn’t fudge the truth that the biblical writers believed the gods were real. In fact, he specifically (and accurately) connects the gods to the principalities and powers that Paul wrote about. Beyond that point, he takes a pastoral approach to the passage. I’ve read too many evangelicals that basically end up saying the text in Psalm 82 just can’t mean what it plainly says. (“The gods are just people … move along citizens, nothing to see here”). Dr. Piper doesn’t do that. I don’t know if he has read my book The Unseen Realm or read any of my journal articles on Psalm 82 and the divine council. I’m going to ask Lexham to send him a copy of the book as a token of appreciation for not following the herd. The essay (and the scare quotes) made me think of my first publishing experience. Way back in 2001 at the end of the editorial process for my article (“Deuteronomy 32:8 and the Sons...

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