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Naked Bible Podcast Episode 156: Ezekiel 40-48, Part 1

These final chapters of Ezekiel are known for the prophet’s vision of a new temple. However, scattered within that vision is an enigmatic figure referred to as the “prince” (Hebrew: nasiʾ). In this episode we discuss whether or not Ezekiel’s temple vision should be understood as a functioning building used after the return of the messiah, and how such a literal expectation aligns (or not) with the notion that the “prince” is a Davidic messianic figure. There are serious textual and theological problems for rigid literalism in both respects. The episode is now...

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Paul’s Use of Genesis 15:5 in Romans 4:18 in Light of Early Jewish Deification Traditions: Part 3: Becoming as the Stars and the Inheritance of the Nations

This is Part 3 of the series by David Burnett; see Part 1, Part 2  Part 3 – Becoming as the Stars and the Inheritance of the Nations   The Deuteronomic Vision of the Celestial Bodies as the Gods (or Angels) of the Nations The precedent for this assumed connection in early Jewish tradition between becoming as the stars and the rule of nations is rooted in the Deuteronomic portrayal of the celestial bodies as the gods or angels of the nations, members of Yahweh’s Divine Council.1 It is necessary to point out here the hermeneutical significance of Deuteronomy for...

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Mike’s Recent Review of a Book on Israelite Religion in Themelios

Click here to read my most recent scholarly book review. But honestly, the real reasons I post about this are twofold: (1) there are several important books reviewed at the link, and (2) you should all know about the journal Themelios. Themelios is a a free online scholarly journal produced by the Gospel Coalition. My audience knows how much I value journals. This is the rare instance of a high-quality journal being freely accessible. From the “About” page on the journal website: Themelios is published three times a year online at The Gospel Coalition website in PDF and HTML,...

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Mike Talks Reversing Hermon on the Jim Bakker Show

For those interested (I’ve posted several interviews in the past couple of weeks, so this may be redundant), I’ll be appearing on the Jim Bakker show Tuesday and Wednesday, April 25-26. We recorded these shows on Good Friday. Both interviews include Derek Gilbert and Tom Horn. This was my first visit to the heart of the Pentecostal zone in what I affectionately call Christian Middle Earth. (Click here for a fun explanation of the metaphor). I have some thoughts on the experience, which was a positive one across the board. I was hesitant to do the interview because of...

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