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Naked Bible Podcast Episode 169: Surviving and Thriving in Seminary: Conversation with Danny Zacharias and Ben Forrest

Ever thought about taking a seminary class? Getting a degree in biblical studies? Even if you haven’t and just want good advice on how to do biblical research on your own, you’ll want to listen in on this conversation. This episode of the podcast focuses on the book by Drs. Zacharias and Forrest, How to Survive and Thrive in Seminary. You’ll learn a lot about expert resources (some of them free) and some strategy hints for the serious study of Scripture. The episode is now...

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Heavenly Worship in Second Temple Judaism, Early Christianity, and Gnostic Sects: Part 2

By guest blogger Stephen L. Huebscher   STEP THREE: LOOKING AT THE THREE GROUPS INDIVIDUALLY CONCEPTIONS OF HEAVENLY WORSHIP IN SECOND TEMPLE JUDAISM The variety of groups and beliefs at this time was reflected in the variety of sacred texts used. It was common to believe in joint human/angelic worship. “The notion that the community in its prayer life participated in some way in the liturgy of the angels is well attested in first-century Judaism, and will later emerge as an element in Christian liturgical practice,” (Attridge 51). Also within this mix it is becoming more apparent to scholars...

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Update on Jaime Maussan’s Fake Alien Mummy Circus

The UFO Watchdog blog recently posted an update on the alleged alien mummy brought to Gaia TV by Jaime Maussan. Jaime of course has a long, glorious history of hoaxing. You can read the update here in full, but it’s basically about how the World Congress on Mummy Studies (yes, that’s a real scientific organization) has issued a statement calling Jaime’s latest circus act a disinformation fraud. One wonders why Christian researchers focused on Peruvian elongated skulls haven’t tried to work with these professionals. . . . but let’s not digress. Here’s a Google translation of the World Congress...

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Heavenly Worship in Second Temple Judaism, Early Christianity, and Gnostic Sects: Part 1

By guest blogger, Stephen L. Huebscher This series was originally written as an academic paper for presentation at a conference. At the time, we were doing research on the divine council for what ended up in Mike’s book The Unseen Realm. I had told Mike I was interested in worship. He helped me design a topic that was more likely to be included in the program, and this was the result! At the conference, I was assigned a time slot late in the day in a tiny room that was hard to find. Only a handful of people came....

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