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Nick Redfern: UFOs Most Likely Not Extraterrestrial

Anyone interested in UFOs knows the name Nick Redfern. Whatever your assessment of Nick’s work, he can’t be labeled a hostile debunker. He’s someone that “wants to believe.” In this recent essay, Nick expresses his transition away from an extraterrestrial explanation for the high strangeness that is the target of UFO inquiry. He opens the essay this way: As people who know me well will be aware, my views on the nature of the UFO phenomenon have radically changed over the years. Back when I was in my twenties, I was of the opinion that UFOs (the truly unknown...

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Those Alleged Human Footprints Mixed with Dinosaur Tracks in Paluxy, TX

I came across this well written essay today on the Paluxy River foot prints. For those who’ve never heard of them, the site purportedly shows evidence (via co-mingled foot prints and dinosaur tracks) that humans and dinosaurs lived at the same time. Consequently, it has achieved near canonical status with young earth creationists. The essay linked above is written by a young earth creationist — John D. Morris, son of Henry Morris — for the ICR website (Institute of Creation Research). It’s honest — and so it’s valuable. As Morris points out, the notion of human foot prints among...

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