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Five Differences Between Qur’anic (Sharia) Law and Old Testament Law

I’d recommend this interesting essay to readers. It was published by the Christian Research Institute. The essay has some deficiencies, in that there are other important differences (and nuances within the differences noted). For example, the OT law was also something extended to non-Israelites (i.e., God expected the elohim allotted to the nations (Deut 32:8-9, reading with the Dead Sea Scrolls, as in the case of ESV) to rule those nations justly–in accord with Yahweh’s good law. That’s but one example of how the societal and moral goodness of the law was intended to make life better for the Gentile. But...

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Naked Bible Podcast Episode 138: On What Day was Jesus Born?

On what day was Jesus actually born? What year? Does the timing matter? Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus on December 25, but virtually all Christians know that day isn’t the real birth date of the messiah. While that is certainly the case, has the birth date of Jesus been lost to time, or can it be reckoned. This episode of the podcast explores these questions and provides a solution draw from Scripture, backed by both Jewish messianic tradition and astronomy. The episode is now...

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Leading Roswell Researcher Kevin Randle Recants the Alien UFO Explanation

UPDATE 1/22/2017: Kevin Randle has responded to Sheaffer’s post.   Guy Malone, organizer of the 2017 Roswell conference at which I’ll be speaking, recently sent me this link: Leading Researcher Shocks, Debunking Own Roswell Story The article is by Bill Turner, but it draws heavily on an interview between Randle and Robert Sheaffer, linked at the bottom of this excerpt of Turner’s piece: UFO news today should have scientists and skeptics reaching for pens to circle the date on the calendar to mark a significant change in direction by Kevin Randle, a long-respected expert in the UFO research field...

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Mike Interviewed About Wormwood (Sort of) and Other Stuff

Below is a video interview I did a week ago. The channel’s focus is (obviously) Wormwood and Planet X stuff, but we spent nearly all the time talking about other things. Wormwood came up (it was no secret to the hosts that I don’t think the Planet X material is coherent at all) but we quickly moved past it. For those interested in Planet X debunking, check out Stuart Robbins’ PseudoAstronomy Podcast series on Planet X nonsense (a little halfway down that page). But for biblical material, here’s a novel suggestion: Why not let the Old Testament be our interpretive...

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Promote the Naked Bible Podcast and Win a Copy of Mike’s New Book on the Book of Enoch and the New Testament!

If you listen to episode 137 of the Naked Bible Podcast you’ll find out that Trey has come up with an idea to promote the podcast. It sounds like fun. From now until the end of January, Trey will be tracking social media channels for anyone who shares a short post or story about listening to the podcast on their social media outlets. In other words, share a funny or inspirational anecdote about something you heard on the podcast, or something that happened while you were listening. You can do that as many times as you like — get...

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