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Naked Bible Podcast Episode: Translating Genesis 1-11

In this episode Dr. Heiser talks to the men behind a new translation project, John Hobbins and Samuel Bray. The first volume of their effort is entitled Genesis 1-11: A New Old Translation for Readers, Scholars, and Translators. Our discussion focuses on the translation enterprise – what translators need to think about as they do their work. The strength of this new project is its thorough documentation by the translators of what and how they were thinking during the process of producing their translation. Over 130 pages of notes about the Hebrew text and its translation issues accompany the...

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Mike’s Sunday Morning Sermon of April 23, 2017 – While We Were Yet Sinners

This was the second time I’ve filled a pulpit since 2004. The Loch Ness monster is seen more often than I show up in a pulpit. But I am getting requests to post this and, more importantly, I keep getting questions that tell me that many Christians really don’t understand the simplicity of the gospel. I hope this helps. it seems to be positively affecting a lot of people in our church and our area, so here it is. Just click on the image to go to where the sermon can be either watched or listened to. I think it’s...

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Index of New Testament Allusions to Books of the Pseudepigrapha

Readers of Reversing Hermon know that this information is in an appendix to that book. But in the book these allusions are given in full and are listed by Pseudepigraphical source. That’s one reason that appendix is so long! We should all thank Warren Hart for something much more compact and readable. Warren has produced an index in chart form. Here it is as a PDF: Index of New Testament Allusions to Books of the Pseudepigrapha – Sorted It’s arranged by books of the NT. It also includes page number references in Reversing Hermon for Scripture references that correspond to the allusions to...

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