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MIQLAT Campaign for Fern and Audrey: Update

I just wanted to post a brief update about the Fern and Audrey Go Fund Me campaign. For those who aren’t familiar with this campaign, my non-profit (MIQLAT) is helping to raise money to meet the financial expenses of survivors of ritual abuse. Fern and Audrey (pseudonyms) are two women I have known for years who have a full-time ministry helping survivors of ritual trauma (satanic or otherwise). They operate under the radar as much as possible for client safety and anonymity (and in certain cases, it’s a wise proposition that they remain anonymous).  The campaign is explained here, while the sorts of ritual, repetitive abuse Fern and Audrey deal with on a regular basis are described here. (For those who have watched Stranger Things, the Netflix original series that so many people are talking about, the MK-Ultra reference will be familiar). The funding goal is high because this is intentionally a long-term proposition that we expect to continue for years. Several people in this audience have contacted Fern and Audrey and had several sessions with them. Fern sent me a short letter recently to express thanks for the donations that have come in to date. She wrote: The journey of healing for trauma survivors is riddled with obstacles. In the 19 years I’ve been ministering to them, I’m amazed at their courage to face the hauntings of their past and...

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No, this isn’t a giveaway. Nor is it advocacy for a new persecuted minority. FREE stands for the Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters, an organization founded by the late astronaut, Dr. Edgar Mitchell. The FREE website explains it this way: FREE was formally incorporated as a Not for Profit Research Organization on July 15, 2015.  FREE has been established by various retired Ph.D. Physicists, Ph.D. Scientists, Ph.D. Psychologists, Ph.D. Neuroscientists and lay researchers to facilitate investigations into “UFO related contact experiences with non-human intelligent beings and associated paranormal activity, from a grounded and rigorous scientific foundation”.  These interrelated subjects include...

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Elongated Skulls and Christian Ethics

Those of you with an interest in the elongated skull paleobabble (that they have something to do with aliens or nephilim) will find this short essay of interest. It’s from the Hot Cup of Joe blog. It’s basically an overview of the methodological problems of the research and testing put forth by Lynn Marzulli and Brien Foerster on elongated skulls from Peru. Sadly, there’s nothing new here. Claims of submitting the skulls for testing without revealing the identity of those doing the tests, which labs did (or are doing) the work, failure to follow protocols that everyone who does this sort of testing for real follow, etc.  I just don’t understand why Christian researchers somehow feel compelled to be secretive, sloppy, or cavalier in research. Would you want a plumber who just did things his own way? A tax attorney? A pediatrician? How about a hair stylist? To quote Captain Obvious, research isn’t valid unless it can be validated. That means going the extra mile in careful method; transparency in sharing data, method, and results; and of course peer review. Instead we get the kind of amateurish work that mimes the “secular” ancient astronaut carnival. The tragedy is that, if there really is something to discover, the way the research has been done puts the whole effort under the pall of suspicion out of the gate. Sigh. I’ve blogged before...

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Vatican Library Provides Online Access to High Resolution Images of New Testament Papyri

Jean-Baptiste Piggin of the Macro-Typography blog has a nice listing of available manuscripts here. If you’re interested in New Testament textual criticism, papyrology, and the transmission of the Greek New Testament, you’ll want to take a look. If you read Greek, you can save the images as JPG files or take screen...

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