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New Online Encyclopedia for PSI Studies

Dean Radin just recommended (on Twitter) this new (in progress) reference tool: The PSI Encyclopedia. The “Learn More / About” page reads, in part: ‘Psi’ is the modern collective term for the psychic functions of telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition and psychokinesis. Psi phenomena were studied by Fellows of the Royal Society, among others, in the late seventeenth century, and were noted in the late eighteenth century in relation to hypnosis. In the second half of the nineteenth century, scientists such as Robert Hare, William Crookes and Johann Zöllner began to uncover more evidence in their experiments with séance mediums. Systematic study began...

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Was Jesus Crucified on a Cross or a Pole? What Does Stauros Mean?

Short answer: Who cares? Really.  This is poster material for “much ado about nothing.” I got a recent email about this issue. The controversy is whether the Greek word translated “cross” (stauros) refers to a pole or the object t object that church history has handed down to as as the visual emblem of the crucifixion. The debate combatants don’t deny the crucifixion’s historicity, mind you — it’s about whether church tradition got the shape wrong. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Oh, I’m back.  Pardon. I repeat. Who cares? Church tradition has gotten a lot of things wrong. The biblical account has Jesus...

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The FBI, the Science Fiction Writer, and the ET Hypothesis for Flying Saucers

Jason Colavito has written a fascinating post entitled, “Documents Detail the FBI’s Theory That Science Fiction Editor Ray Palmer Helped Create the Flying Saucer Myth.” It’s well worth your time. No one would deny that, in the mid-20th century, there were many perplexing sightings of UFOs — unidentified flying objects. But many, including me, would say the jury is still way out there that such things were alien. For starters, you need to know if aliens exist before making them the cause of such things. You can’t use one unknown (“are there aliens?”) as evidence for a second unknown (“what’s that...

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Modern Flat Earth Theory Exposed, Part I

Back in February I caused a minor brouhaha (have to love that word) when I blogged, “Christians Who Believe the Earth is Really Flat — Does It Get Any Dumber Than This?” I’m a Christian and biblical scholar who has a grasp of the fact that ancient Israelite cosmology describes a flat earth. But since it’s evident that the Bible was not produced to give us science, it’s logically fallacious to presume we need to believe that the earth is really flat to embrace things that the Bible does in fact ask us to believe. (Here’s a lecture I gave...

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Ancient Egyptian Demonology Project

Those of you interested in demonology will want to be aware of this emerging resource: the ancient Egyptian “demonbase.” The landing page description reads in part: For the first time, we bring you a sample of supernatural beings—some fully human, some animal hybrids, some objects—to explore! There are three versions of the catalogue and we would be interested to know which you...

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