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Fake Exegesis: Return of the א-ת BS

You’ve heard of fake news? (Who hasn’t?) How about some fake exegesis? Some time ago I blogged about the nonsensical idea that the Hebrew particle את has an amazing hidden meaning in Gen 1:1 (that’s an aleph and taw, read right-to-left, for those who don’t read Hebrew). In the original paleobabble post on this, the “secret” was that these two letters (the first and last letters of the Hebrew alphabet) point to Jesus, the alpha and omega per Revelation 1:8; 21:6; 22:13 — and so Gen 1:1 encrypts Jesus as creator. This argument is entirely bogus for a simple...

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Another Illustration of Why Anomalist Research Needs to be Submitted to Peer Review

Remember the demon fairy fiasco? If not, read that link first. Although “peer review” in this case (below) isn’t about submission to an academic journal, the principle is the same. Anomalous objects, experiences, events, etc. should be submitted for review by experts capable of objective evaluation before claims about what said object, experience, event is or means. In this case, it’s the “Chilean UFO Mystery.” This one had serious UFO researchers ready to tout it as proof of a non-human craft (and lots of other less-serious enthusiasts, too). From the Coast to Coast AM website: In a disappointing but...

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Two New Kindle Books — Notes on Leviticus and Acts from the Naked Bible Podcast

I’m happy to announce that there are two new Kindle books available: Notes on Leviticus from the Naked Bible Podcast ($0.99) Notes on the Book of Acts from the Naked Bible Podcast ($0.99) As you might guess from the titles, these are edited version of the transcripts from the episodes on the podcast series on Leviticus and Acts. Since the transcripts are available for free (by episode on the episode page), I had intended to make these free as well. But I’ve discovered Amazon Kindle doesn’t allow me to do that. Hence they are available for $0.99. Both books...

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Naked Bible Podcast Episode 140 – Ezekiel 24

Chapter 24 is a turning book in the book of Ezekiel. After Ezekiel’s call (Ch. 1-3), the book has, to this point, been a series of gloom-and-doom pronouncements to the exiled Jews in Babylon subverting their expectations that Jerusalem, the temple, and their friends and loved ones back in Jerusalem were safe from  divine judgment. Chapter 24 announces the judgment of the city of Jerusalem and what’s left of Israel has begun—Ezekiel is to mark the very day he received the oracles which constitute this chapter. The episode is now...

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