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Gender Insanity and a Witless Rabbi

Someone sent me this editorial today from the NYT: “Is God Transgender?” The article is by a rabbi who (intentionally? ignorantly?) thinks that metaphor and the “inconsistencies” of grammatical gender in the Hebrew Bible mean that God is either transgender or doesn’t care about gender distinction. This is utterly absurd. While Dr. Michael Brown has already weighed in on this (with a lot of salient detail from the biblical text), I’d like to add that grammatical gender has nothing to do with “creating” biological gender or endorsing transgenderism. Grammatical gender is an artificial means by which inflected languages (languages that...

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Three New Items by Mike for Amazon Kindle

I’ve begun to move some of my academic papers to Kindle format. To this point, I’ve been selling them as PDF files. I’m going to phase those out and move what I can (by publishing permission) to Kindle. If you go to this link on the Kindle store, you’ll see the three new titles (each $1.99). They are: Michael S. Heiser, “Does Divine Plurality in the Hebrew Bible Demonstrate an Evolution From Polytheism to Monotheism in Israelite Religion? A Conference Paper“ Michael S. Heiser, “The Old Testament Response to Pagan Divination: A Conference Paper“ Michael S. Heiser, “Panspermia: What...

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