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Demon Fairy Fiasco Update

Well, the demon fairy is a hoax. Just like I said I expected it would turn out to be. On August 9, 2016 I wrote: The point of wanting the “fairy” specimen tested under transparent peer review is to make sure it isn’t an example of this (anything look familiar?)  X-rays don’t establish what material something is made of. Lots of material will show up on an X-ray. Sincere researchers have been duped before. I don’t want that to happen to Lynn or anyone else. If insisting on transparency with this sort of thing draws abuse for me, so be it. Let me...

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Mike Heiser Live Stream on YouTube

You read that correctly. I’m going to try live streaming on YouTube. It’s an experiment. For those that don’t know about live streaming, it’s just what it sounds like — chatting with people and taking Qs LIVE via my webcam on YouTube. I hope it will work, but who knows, as I’m depending on my own technical aptitude to do this.  I won’t know until I give it a shot. So when will this be? I won’t be posting the time and date online for these. I will say here that the first one will be in October, and it will be early enough my time (Pacific) for folks on the east coast.  To get the actual time and date for the first one (and all others to follow unless this goes down in flames), you need to be a newsletter subscriber....

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