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Mike Heiser the Guest TONIGHT on Caravan to Midnight

[Addendum, 6/17/2016 – Apparently you can listen to the show via a free trial subscription for one week.] I’ll be the guest tonight on Caravan to Midnight with John B. Wells. We recorded it today, It was my first time on the show — almost three hours. I really enjoyed it. Hope you can listen (I think it requires a subscription, but I’m not...

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A Book that Truly Examines New Testament Eschatology

If you think of the Left Behind novels or books by John Hagee as sources that provide insight on the New Testament doctrine of end times and the second coming, you should probably stop reading now. Hat tip to Chris Tilling and his Chrisendom blog for drawing my attention to this new book: When the Son of Man Didn’t Come: A Constructive Proposal on the Delay of the Parousia, by Christopher M. Hays, in collaboration with Brandon Gallaher, Julia S. Konstantinovsky, Richard J. Ounsworth OP, and Casey A. Strine. Chris begins his post this way: “So Christians must choose. Either the NT isn’t...

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What Was the Hebrew Name of Jesus?

I get questions about the divine name periodically, or about how Jesus is a pagan name for Zeus (or similar nonsense). For those items, click here, here, and here, respectively. But more often than not, I get questions about how the Hebrew name of Jesus was pronounced. I really don’t understand why this is such a concern. It’s Yeshua. But at least I’m not alone here. Check out Dr. Michael Brown’s short video on this below. Dr. Brown and I actually discussed this briefly the last time I was on his...

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