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Mike’s not a ufologist, but FATE Magazine named Mike to its 2005 list of the 100 most influential people in the field. Mike is, however, a scholar in the fields of ancient near eastern religions. He’s also devoted more of his life than seems advisable to the scholarly study of western occultism and alternative religions oriented around the belief in aliens. Religion is religion — it’s all the same? Not true.

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The Facade and The Portent Reviewed by Brave Reviews

Posted by on Dec 13, 2014 in Announcement, Book Reviews, _NakedBible, _Paleobabble, _UFOreligions | 2 comments

The Brave Reviews website is high-traffic book review site that features “Unbiased Reviews of Relevant Christian Media.” A short time ago they (Jason) reviewed The Facade. Today the review for The Portent was posted. I appreciate the time spent on my books and the enthusiastic reviews. If you haven’t read my novels yet, I hope that what Brave Reviews says will encourage you to do so!

Jason is correct in his first (Facade) review — at its core, my fiction is about presuppositions that underlie what we believe (about all sorts of things). The novels are also about providence, redemption, and prompting readers to think about what they would do if (and perhaps when) the world as they know it starts collapsing around them. My novels aren’t preachy, shallow, or cartoonish. The (positive) characters are normal people. They all have insecurities, hang-ups, and less-than-desirable pasts that have led them to value the authentic over the counterfeit. They’re committed to each other in the face of circumstances that are not only about life and death, but unbelief and faith. That they’re handed an impossible burden against an uncompromising evil is no reason not to try and do the right thing, whatever the consequences.


The Facade and The Portent Available for $2.99 (Combined) on Vyrso – Today Only

Posted by on Dec 1, 2014 in Announcement, _NakedBible, _Paleobabble, _UFOreligions | 3 comments

Vyrso is the Kirkdale Press / Logos Bible Software e-reader. Both books are on sale today for a $2.99 bundle price. Click here to get them both!

Aliens, the Sphinx, and Fantastic Archaeology

Posted by on Nov 8, 2014 in Ancient (Non-Alien) Technology, Ancient Astronauts, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Sites, _Paleobabble, _UFOreligions | 0 comments

Jason Colavito has another telling and humorous review of the latest Ancient Aliens episode from season 7. Jason’s review starts this way:

Tonight’s exceptionally boring episode of Ancient Aliens, S07E07 “Mysteries of the Sphinx,” takes us back in time—to the 1990s, when the Great Sphinx controversy roared thanks to claims by geologist Robert Schoch that he Egyptian monument was 10,000 to 12,000 years old. The claim found little traction outside of fringe history, largely because mainstream scholars believe Schoch is wrong to attribute the erosion of the Sphinx and its enclosure to water rather than to salt exfoliation. But in the world of the fringe historians, Schoch’s academic credentials provided them all the proof they need to make the monument the world’s oldest monolithic statue.

All quite true. Schoch’s work has been challenged on scientific grounds (not just on the basis of irritation). One example illustrates the point:

K. Lal Gauri, John J. Sinai and Jayanta K. Bandyopadhyay, “Geologic weathering and its implications on the age of the sphinx,” Geoarchaeology vol. 10, issue 2 (April 1995): 119-133

The abstract of this scholarly journal article reads as follows:

The Great Sphinx of Giza is considered by Egyptologists to have been excavated by the Pharaoh Kephren nearly 4500 years ago. Schoch and West (1991) have suggested that the Sphinx is much older, based primarily upon the rounded profile of the strata of the Sphinx thorax and the deep channels present in the walls surrounding the Sphinx ditch. These features, according to them, are due to “precipitation-induced weathering” formed when the Sahara still experienced a humid climate at least 7000 years ago. In this article we show how weathering in an arid environment can produce the rounded profile given the gradual change in lithology of the alternating hard and soft limestone strata. We show further that the channels are actually the pre-Pliocene karst features formed by underground water and exposed due to the excavation of the Sphinx ditch. We propose therefore that, for now, the Sphinx may still be regarded as of pharaonic origin.

But Jason’s comments contain an important point in fringe history thinking that is omnipresent but often overlooked: evidence of contemporaneous habitation and high technological culture with an artifact.

What I mean is this.  When someone comes forth with an artifact or claim about an artifact (in this case, “People living 10,000 years ago built the Sphinx”), one would expect to find other contemporary evidences that people living in Egypt at that time were technologically advanced. I’m not talking about electricity and hovercraft here. I’m talking about information from elsewhere in the surrounding area (or country) that dates to the same period that shows commensurate building skills (i.e., technology). I’d also be talking about evidence that people living at the time lived in such a way that matches the building capability. Are there homes dating from this period that show evidence of such skill? Tools? Weapons? etc.  Sorry, but Egypt of 10,000 years ago lacks the expected context. And that’s where the argument from silence (i.e., ignorance) takes over. “Oh, all that other stuff is lost to time.” Sure. Funny how it isn’t lost to time if we stick with the given chronology.

This sort of data gap is lethal to ancient American hyper-diffusionist nonsense. If that section of PaleoBabble appeals to you, I highly recommend reading archaeologist Stephen Williams book, Fantastic Archaeology. Over and over again Williams takes an object (e.g., some alleged Phoenician inscription from some place in America) and asks simple but telling questions that expose a hoax. Here are two examples: Is there evidence that anyone lived in the area of the object during those centuries when the Phoenicians were flourishing in the Old World? Do the anomalous letters on said inscription (there are always a couple) match any letters in any inscriptions discovered in Phoenicia? In other words, Williams asks the very questions you’d ask if you presumed the artifact was what its “discoverers” say it was — and then their case develops cracks and eventually falls apart.

The Majestic Documents and MJ-12: Some Resources

Posted by on Nov 7, 2014 in Alien sightings, ExoPolitics, UFO Research, _UFOreligions | 4 comments

I’ve been on three talk shows in the last week or so (Skywatchers Radio, Coast to Coast AM, and Dark Grand Conspiracy). On two of them the Majestic Documents got a good bit of air time. The discussion prompted me to clog some resources related to the Majestic Documents so readers can make use of them.

The subject of the Majestic documents came up not only because they are part of the plotlines in both of my novels, The Facade and The Portent, but because I had a number of them tested by a computational / forensic linguist, Dr. Carol Chaski. I wrote a paper detailing Carol’s analysis that you can read here.  I also delivered a lecture at a Roswell UFO conference on the testing. You can watch that below:

I also highly recommend the excellent video presentation by ufologist Alejandro Rojas of entitled “Majestic 12: A UFO Disinformation Scandal”:

The documents Alejandro shows and discusses in the above video can be obtained here.

On the Skywatchers show, a caller challenged me to continue the linguistic testing. Several years ago I had attempted to raise money to do just that. I went on Coast to Coast AM and asked listeners to donate to that end (I had paid for the first round of tests myself — it isn’t cheap). That fundraising attempt failed spectacularly (less than one hundred dollars was pledged). it taught me (again) that most people don’t want the truth; they just want answers that confirm their prejudices. But the caller had a good idea: to test the documents against samples of writing from the hands of individuals that ufologists have speculated may have forged them. In addition, he pointed out that there are now fundraising sites (like that crowd-source these sorts of things much more effectively. I’m seriously considering his idea. Stay tuned!


Research Links for Radio Listeners

Posted by on Nov 5, 2014 in Announcement, _NakedBible, _Paleobabble, _UFOreligions | 0 comments

I’m re-posting the link to research resources related to topics that factor into The Facade and The Portent for listeners this week.

Mike on Coast to Coast AM and Grand Dark Conspiracy Show this Week

Posted by on Nov 2, 2014 in Ancient Astronauts, Announcement, Bible UFOs, Bogus History, Conspiracy Theory, UFO Research, _Paleobabble, _UFOreligions | 2 comments

Just a heads up.

I’ll be on Coast to Coast AM once again this Wed. night (Nov. 5). I’ll be on the second half of the show.  The discussion will touch on topics in The Facade and The Portent.

I’ll also be on a show called Grand Dark Conspiracy hosted by Daniel Bautz the very next evening (though I’m not sure it’s live or just the recording of the show). I’ve never been on this one before. The topic will be ancient alien mythology.

Boyd Bushman’s BS

Posted by on Oct 31, 2014 in Alien sightings, UFO Research, _UFOreligions | 17 comments

For some reason (Halloween?) the story of Boyd Bushman’s deathbed confession about aliens at AREA-51 has been circulating a lot in recent days. Bushman passed away in August of this year. He was a senior scientists with Lockheed Martin (his own description – but even that is doubtful). His confession / story is below:

If you watch the video, Bushman holds up photos of an alien he claims was at AREA-51. (Boyd supposedly snuck in — and out! — a disposable camera and took the photos). Here are two screenshots:












Unfortunately, Boyd has been exposed. The alien is a rubber toy, as this photo (from this link on illustrates quite well.


Heiser Interview on SkyWatchers

Posted by on Oct 29, 2014 in Ancient Astronauts, ET and Evolution, ET Life, ExoTheology, UFO Religions, UFO Research, _Paleobabble, _UFOreligions | 10 comments

Enjoyed the interview last night on the Skywatchers podcast show. A fun time discussing Christianity and ET life, Majestic documents, and ancient astronaut mythology. This was my first time on this show.

Recent Podcast Interview about The Portent

Posted by on Oct 18, 2014 in Ancient Astronauts, Ancient Texts, astral prophecy, Bible and Archaeology, Biblical Theology, UFO Religions, _NakedBible, _Paleobabble, _UFOreligions | 11 comments


I was interviewed this past week by Natalina for her Extraordinary Intelligence podcast. The interview was a good one. Talked about The Facade first just a bit, and then focused on the new sequel, The Portent. Just like my first interview a year or so ago, Natalina succeeded in getting information from me, some of it even personal!

The last two reviews on Amazon capture what to expect in The Portent pretty well. Here are a few lines:

[The Portent] takes everything the reader thought they knew (and were sure of) about the return of Jesus and turns it on its head! [It] challenges all popular end times belief scenarios with stunning precision and well documented, real-life supported claims. The divine council of The Portent will forever change your perspective regarding the return of Jesus, who may be fooled, and who won’t! This is a must read for anyone who believes in intelligent evil and an elegant shadow system that operates above the law, behind the scenes, and hidden in plain sight.