I’d encourage all of you to pay attention to Billy Cox’s blog, De Void. Billy is arguably the only mainstream journalist in the U.S. who pays serious attention to UFOs. He’s also a likable guy (I roomed with him at the X-Conference event I spoke at several years ago).

Billy recently posted a short review of the important new academic book entitled, UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry. The book is a serious attempt to sort through all the credible UFO documentation and create a narrative about the U.S. government’s involvement with, and assessment of, UFOs. It is edited by emeritus professor Michael Swords, whose name will be recognized by those with sustained interest in ufology. Billy writes:

“Swords, who taught the history of science technology at Western Michigan University and is an emeritus professor of environmental studies, has drilled deep into the vein of primary sources and — along with eight co-authors and contributors — produced an authoritative look at the high-level disarray, inter-agency tensions, and the military’s improvisational attempts at information management even as honest scientists struggled to give them the truth.”

Billy laments that few people will read the work due to its length (580 pp.) and distaste for material that will read like, well, an academic textbook. I hope many UFO Religion readers will tackle it, or at least purchase it for reference.