Registration for the first MEMRA module of 2020 for ancient language courses is now live. Just click here. The courses are beginning biblical Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic. Please read the registration instructions at the link. Start dates and other housekeeping items are described. Note that the cost of the textbook (digital or hard copy) is […]

My bestselling book, The Unseen Realm: Recovering the Supernatural Worldview of the Bible, was recently reviewed in two places online. The book has been positively reviewed in academic outlets, evangelical or otherwise, since its debut in 2015 (JETS, Themelios, RBL). Sure, there are sometimes misunderstandings of what I’m saying, but that’s normal. Scholars reviewing a […]

If you’re considering attending this year’s Naked Bible Conference (Oct 12, Dallas, TX) the time to act is now. Tickets are almost gone. The venue cannot accommodate more than 300 people. There is no overflow space. Please use the link above if you want to get one of the remaining tickets!

I’m thrilled to announce the publication of a children’s book by Sue Knefley and Laurel Roth that re-purposes material from Supernatural and The Unseen Realm for pre-schoolers and early grade school children: One Big Family: In the Heavens and On the Earth This is the first book published under the newly-created Naked Bible Press. You’ll be hearing more about […]

Frank Viola recently posted three interviews for his Insurgence Podcast that we recorded while I was in Florida. They are a three-part series on spiritual warfare (from a biblical perspective, naturally): Episode #30: Spiritual Warfare and the Kingdom (Satan) Episode #31: Spiritual Warfare and the Kingdom (Demons) Episode #32: Spiritual Warfare and the Kingdom (Principalities) […]

I’ve been asked by a couple of people to respond to Thomas Howe’s thoughts on The Unseen Realm. For those unfamiliar with Dr. Howe, he teaches apologetics at Southern Evangelical Seminary in Charlotte, a school deservedly well known for important work in that field. In what follows, I’ll pull some portions of his “review” (I’m […]

I was blessed to be part of an episode of Spiritual Encounters recently. We talked about a variety of things related to Unseen Realm.

Those of you who follow the Naked Bible Podcast or subscribe to the MIQLAT newsletter will know that I’m no longer with Logos Bible Software, having accepted a new position — the Executive Director of the Awakening School of Theology and Ministry in Jacksonville, FL. Episode 279 of the podcast explains why I took the […]

Both my forthcoming books are now on Amazon for pre-order, so I thought I’d post the links here (click on the covers). The Stranger Things book ships October 16, 2019. From the Introduction: “Mythic genres like fantasy and science fiction allow storytellers to play off the supernatural and utopian impulses of their readers, consciously or […]

It’s that time again! Registration for the annual Naked Bible Conference is now open! The event is one day (all day), October 12, 2019, in Dallas, TX at the Omni Dallas Hotel Park West. For those who attended last year, this is the same venue. If you want to attend you would be wise to […]

No surprise, but it doesn’t go well. Carl Feagans, “The Pseudoarchaeology of America Before: A Review,” April 22, 2019 As in biblical studies, where a lot of research can impress amateur readers, so it is with books like those of Hancock, which emphasize data that appear to support a thesis without getting into the data […]

Short Answer: Yes (at least for some, like Erich von Daniken). Slightly Longer Answer: Yes, because some presume that humans in antiquity were so primitive they could not build these things without the assistance of non-human intelligence. Then, an elect super-race taught by aliens could mediate that esoteric knowledge to poor savages in the New […]

Nick Redfern recently posted this interesting, and potentially quite important, report on a “leaked” UFO document. Nick relates the story and the full contents at the link. For my part, the information elements in this document (it has a purported history of what’s really behind the Roswell event) hang together well. The document was composed […]

First, let me say this: Darn! If I did work at AREA-51 I might finally get into the Illuminati. It would be a nice credential to enhance my resume. What am I talking about? Well, a week or so ago a YouTube video was posted that claimed a new, super-secret military base was being built […]

If you’re following the Naked Bible Podcast we’ve had several episodes where we get mired in the quagmire that is ancient chronology. Years ago I read the book Centuries of Darkness by Peter James. It’s fundamental exposure to why the accepted chronologies of antiquity have serious problems. Now there’s a website by that same title to take […]

I’ve blogged before about how there are patents, dirigibles, and other man-made craft that may easily be mis-identified as alien spacecraft. Here’s a fascinating article (I found it via the Giza Death Star blog by Joseph Farrell) on the Navy’s patent. You’ll love the diagrams! Here’s how the article opens: The US Navy has been […]

My short, self-published book, What Does God Want?, is now available for pre-pub as a Logos edition. The book is a step back from Supernatural (as that book is a step back from Unseen Realm). It is designed to tell the story of the Bible (the supernatural epic in short form), lend clarity on what […]

Everyone – I just saw this link from the Bible Project in my Twitter feed. It’s a one-stop page / collection of the videos in their spiritual beings series. I was a consultant on the scripts for these videos. It’s pretty convenient, given the amount of material they produce.

I’ve made a new introductory video to explain the mission of my non-profit, MIQLAT. It runs just under 7 minutes. It has more detail than the old one and lays out our mission strategy. The video lives on the MIQLAT website here (please share), but I’ve embedded the YouTube location below. Please give it a […]

The registration page for the last module of 2019 is now live. As with the earlier module, the courses are Beginning Biblical Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic.

The Naked Bible Podcast recently received recognition from the Federalist in a piece written by Holly Scheer entitled, “7 Provocative, Substantive Theology Podcasts You Need To Check Out.” The Naked Bible Podcast was described by Ms. Scheer this way: “This podcast covers theology in a deep but accessible way and discusses the Bible from a […]

What follows is part 10 in a series by Dr. Ronn Johnson. – MSH   I have been away from this blog for some time, though it has been constantly on my mind. Since my last post, I have written and presented a course at our church on the big story of the Bible. It […]

Here’s the latest in the series of Bible Project videos I was blessed to consult on. Enjoy!

I’ve had a number of people ask my opinion of Alter’s new translation. I haven’t read it. I also had several people send me the recent Wall Street Journal review by Blaire French. (Thanks to all of them!) I’ve reproduced it below. It’s a good (and important) illustration of how Alter misses the boat in […]

Many of you have been waiting to hear about the 2019 Naked Bible Conference. It hasn’t been easy to secure a venue and, consequently, a date. Both of those hurdles are now behind us. The date for the 2019 Naked Bible Conference has now been set for October 12. We had to move the date […]

According to their website, The Christian Post is ” the nation’s most comprehensive Christian news website and was launched in March 2004, incorporated with the vision of delivering up-to-date news, information, and commentaries relevant to Christians across denominational lines. . . . Through the website, The Christian Post presents national and international coverage of current events […]

I’ll let viewers decide. Try not to laugh at Ancient Aliens when you see this. I know. It’s hard.  

Hat’s off to all the folks working hard at the Bible Project! I appreciate the Bible Project’s attention to the content of my books, The Unseen Realm and it’s “lite” (no footnotes!) version, Supernatural. Nice to see biblical theology viewed through the supernaturalist eyes of the Bible’s authors and original readers getting the attention it […]

With the Feast of Purim approaching (March), Yesod Bible Center would like to invite all of you to an online course about the book of Esther. Here is the description and information: The public is invited to a course on the character of Queen Esther and the timeless significance of the events recorded in the […]

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