Very interesting post today over on Archaeoblog. The results of DNA testing on King Tut have been leaked a bit.  Now, this isn’t paleobabble, so why note it? Because there are some items of interest to the paleobabblers out there:

Genetic testing found evidence that Tutankhamun had been infected with plasmodium falciparum, the parasite that causes an often deadly form of malaria. The scans and genetic fingerprinting carried out on Tutankhamun also showed he had several disorders, some of which ran in the family . . . Using genetic fingerprinting, the researchers also lifted the veil on another mystery surrounding King Tut: his lineage. Using partial Y-chromosome information, the researchers determined that Akhenaten (..) was Tut’s father, and that Tutankhamun’s mother was Akhenaten’s sister. Tut also sired two children, both girls, but they died in the womb, the study found. (..)”

The two children alluded to would be the two “alien babies” paleobabblers love to talk about on the Web. Yes, they’ve been examined. Sex identified: girls.  But here’s the real relevant part for those who care about logical thinking. Thorough genetic testing has been done on the father (Tut) of the two children. He’s not an alien, nor is there evidence of alien DNA (I can hear it now: “It’s being covered up.” Yeah, and we can now expect the team of scientists working on this will all mysteriously disappear).  So that would in turn mean his children aren’t aliens or have alien DNA. Here’s the kicker, the tests show that Akhenaten, the famous alien pharaoh, was Tut’s father. How could it be that Tut doesn’t have alien DNA? Maybe . . . because Akhenaten wasn’t an extraterrestrial either. Just maybe.

On a more sane turn, the DNA also proves that Akhenaten (and thus his progeny, many of which have elongated skulls) did not suffer from Marfan’s syndrome. More recent work on Akhenaten’s condition has been done, and blogged here.