Just what the world needs – another Sitchin wannabe, and this one even less qualified than Sitchin!  Turns out that South African soap-opera actor Michael Tellinger has unleashed himself on the unsuspecting public to promote his (Sitchin’s) ideas in his book Slave Species of god.  Yep, just what the doctor ordered. From soap operas to deciphering ancient texts for us!

Mr. Tellinger aims to inform the masses about everything from human origins to genetics to ancient texts to the Bible. Whew! You learn a lot being an actor. Among Mr. Tellinger’s penetrating observations in the book, these are my favorites:

  • Why has GOD been so obsessed with GOLD from Genesis?
  • Why do all mythologies have the same group of GODS?
  • Why is the FLYING SERPENT the creator god in all mythologies?

Wow – to think I’d never seen these amazing data points. I can’t wait to get cracking and make some screen-capture videos of me searching and “discovering” this material in the Bible. I’m sure we’ll all learn a lot (like how all the above claims are crap – better, PaleoBabble). Sometimes this blog is just too much fun. Stay tuned for some video discovery!