I’m of course talking about my new “discipleship book” aimed at introducing (and clarifying) the meaning of the gospel and what believers are supposed to be doing to follow Jesus. It’s called (as the cover makes obvious), What Does God Want?

Why is this a good gift idea? Because people are often disposed to thinking about Jesus and having conversations about him at Christmas time. This book will absolutely help you have that important conversation with people you want to consider the gospel.

For the time being, the book is available only in KINDLE. For why, see below. Even if you don’t have a Kindle you can still read Kindle books via a Kindle app on a phone or an iPad. So don’t let the Kindle platform stop you from getting it. Kindle also means the book is very inexpensive ($2.99).

What’s the book about? Glad you asked! You can of course see the book’s Table of Contents at the link. The book presents the gospel as a supernatural story with God’s desire to have a human family at the center. Then it talks about what the gospel is and, just as importantly, what the gospel isn’t. The rest of the content overviews what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. The book includes a glossary for people completely new to the Bible, as well as a glossary of supernatural vocabulary. In addition to presenting the gospel with clarity, the book also aims to prepare new believers for my book Supernatural.

I decided to self-publish this book so as to maintain complete control over the content. Excerpts will be used on discipleship web pages that I can’t describe presently. I want the freedom to give away parts of the content down the road as a Miqlat ministry.

Why only Kindle? Well, that might change. It wasn’t the original plan. I had intended to have both Kindle and paperback available by Thanksgiving, but that didn’t happen. The reason is Amazon — to date they have been unable to fix errors in the printing of the files. Until they do, or until I have another solution, it’s Kindle only. I’ve gone back and forth with Amazon three times without resolution. The only other option is that I have it printed somewhere and let Amazon handle fulfillment. To do that, though, I have to pay for a print run, which would be several thousand dollars. I’m not able to do that at this point. So here we are. The Lord will work it out. I just wanted to give you all some opportunity to make this part of your Christmas shopping! I’m also planning on an audio version, so stay tuned for that, too!