Readers know that my employer, Logos Bible Software, has been on the cutting edge of syntactical analysis for the Hebrew Bible and the Greek NT for a little over five years now. Recently our Greek database ninja, Rick Brannan, posted about a new pre-pub on the Logos blog that aims at finishing our project to have the entire Septuagint (LXX) analyzed syntactically. (For those unfamiliar with our pre-pub system, it’s synonymous with “huge discount”). The really great thing about it (other than the whole principle of being able to do research and searching above the word level) is that we’ll have the same (Cascadia) mark up for both the LXX and Greek NT when the LXX is done. That means being able to run searches for the same structures and syntactical features on both. One obvious result of this ability will be that researchers and Bible students will be better informed when seeking to draw exegetical conclusions in a given passage in the NT or evaluating what commentators have said about a given passage. Check it out and order it on pre-pub!