Don’t take this list the wrong way. Yes, I’m in chemotherapy for cancer, but this isn’t some sort of “last words” post! It just poppoed into my head today that I ought to make such a list for readers / followers like I did years ago on “Heiser’s Laws for Bible Study” (cf. this link […]

Most readers will know that I am currently in chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer. The goal of the therapy is to shrink a mass so that it can be surgically removed. This past week was my second chemo cycle. I offer the following for your consideration as you pray for me through this process. The chemo […]

I just wanted to offer a brief thanks to my readers. A week ago my Angels book crossed the 1,000 reviews line on That mark means that I now have five books on with at least 1,000 reviews. Anyone in the industry knows that the 1,000 number indicates a bestseller. When Unseen Realm began its climb […] is now listing the English reading of What Does God Want? If you enjoy audio books, this is a must!

I just saw that my old published journal article on this subject is no longer accessible online (it appeared in a peer-reviewed e-journal back in the day). Here is the citation, along with the PDF. Heiser, Michael. “Did Jesus Allow for Reincarnation? Assessing the syntax of John 9: 3-4.” Scandinavian Evangelical E-Journal 1 (2010): 1-14. A […]

The title of this post is kind of clunky, but necessary. When I first heard this news about a week ago, my immediate thought was “How long will it take for someone to email me that this specimen is from the nephilim?” I now have my answer. This morning my email box contained this link, […]

I’ve been preparing notes for my next Fringepop filming round. We’re going to do some episodes on the latest UFO flap started several years ago by the New York Times and the leak of the “tic tac” video. I’d thought I’d post some notes here – early, to precede the looming Pentagon report about UFOs. […]

Those of you who have read my books (especially, The Unseen Realm) or heard me on interviews will enjoy this — it’s about what happens when people who don’t read my books talk about what I believe. I usually don’t respond to this sort of nonsense, because the people who produce it might benefit in web […]

I was recently informed by my friend Dr. Seth Postell, who teaches in Israel, about an upcoming Zoom Open House to be conducted by Bar Ilan University in regard to studying at Bar Ilan. Details are below. Bar Ilan is specifically encouraging evangelical Christians to participate and study at the university. Bar Ilan has degree programs […]

I was recently interviewed by Kerby Anderson on Point of View. I was glad to be Kerby’s guest, as it reminded me of the good material he’s produced via Probe Ministries. I used a lot of that material when I taught ethics back in the day.

This was fun – Messianic rabbi Eric Walker walk through Lexham Press’s Demons quiz (it markets my book). We both missed a few! Find out why:

I’m quite happy to announce a very special opportunity for all Awakening School of Theology and Ministry (ASOTM) student. ASOTM is my new school in Jacksonville, FL. ASOTM is not accredited. We offer a two year certificate program: first year = 30 weeks going through Unseen Realm content; second year = topics in biblical theology […]

The second module for language courses at my MEMRA website is now open for registration. The next module opening will be in November-December. Registration for this second 2020 module will remain open until July 4, 2020. After registration closes those who are registered will receive instructions by email for accessing the courses, which begin on July […]

Just a quick note — a review of my best-selling book, The Unseen Realm: Recovering the Supernatural Worldview of the Bible, appeared today on the Christianity Today website. It’s by Dr. Louis Markos, who will be familiar to the audience of Naked Bible Podcast. My thanks to Louis for his enthusiastic support!

I was recently interviewed by Doreen Virtue for her YouTube Channel. We talked about the content of the Demons book. Many of you will know Doreen’s background. She is the most widely-sold author in the history of Hay House Publishing, which caters to new age material. Doreen was an influential leader in the new age […]

You can listen here – we spend some time talking about God’s salvation plan and the Great Commission in this one.

That’s how these things usually go. When I checked my email this morning I saw that a friend had sent me this piece of nonsense: someone behind a blog called “NARWatch” in Israel is attacking me and my content. Normally I don’t even read these. There haven’t been many, mind you. But this one is […]

I just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who has purchased my recent book, Demons: What the Bible Really Says About the Powers of Darkness. As you can see below, as of today (May 5, 2020) it’s doing well. But even more amazing is how, five years since its release, its predecessor […]

I’m guessing this doesn’t come as a surprise. Sadly, Trey and I have decided that it’s best to cancel the Naked Bible Conference scheduled for this August. We of course don’t know if people will be able to travel, but the greater uncertainty is that, even if travel is available, will enough people want to […]

Easter is around the corner, and I was reminded of this post tonight during a Q & A session for the Awakening School of Theology and Ministry. It’s something I blogged in 2018 about the “pagan origins” of Easter. The idea is overblown and misguided. Have a look at that old post — it leads […]

There’s been a lot of talk online about how the advent of COVID-19 is an act of God specifically aimed at judging wicked people. While there’s no passage of Scripture that refers to the coronavirus (really … there isn’t), there is an interesting passage in the gospels that reveals the approach of Jesus to whether […]

Let me start by saying (to your relief no doubt) that this Part will be shorter than the previous two. It was prompted some time ago, when I read the tragic news that the folks at Bethel Church in Redding were praying for the resurrection of a deceased little girl. Aside from the obvious tragedy […]

The title of this post probably makes it clear that by “signs and wonders” I’m sort of picking off various topics that have something to do with sign gifts. Yes, it’s a bit random in terms of approach, but I’m setting the stage for future blogging. It will make sense down the road. As to […]

Subscribers to my newsletter know that I have been working on the first of a planned three-volume Reader’s Commentary on the Book of Enoch. That first volume is now shipping on Amazon: A Companion to the Book of Enoch: A Reader’s Commentary, Vol I: The Book of the Watchers (1 Enoch 1-36) What’s a “Reader’s […]

A short time ago I blogged about my ministry going forward and mentioned Deuteronomy 13. More specifically, I wrote about how, due to the nature of what I often write about (the supernatural worldview of the Bible), there was potential for my work to be cherry-picked out of context to prop up beliefs and practices […]

Some time ago I blogged about COME AND SEE, audio re-creations of the story of Jesus where the dialogue comes completely from the gospels. The production quality is quite compelling. The series creator, Boyd Barrett, is a friend of mine and follower of the Naked Bible Podcast. For a limited time, listeners to the Naked […]

I’m tempted to just tell readers to ignore my original post on Peter Gentry’s thoughts on the Nephilim, because it seems I have misunderstood Peter’s trajectory. But I have nevertheless let it remain on the blog (accompanied by what follows) since it might be applicable to someone out there. After the original post, Peter wrote […]

This was a fun recent interview. You can listen via this link or click on the YouTube video below!

A week or so ago I blogged about Dr. Peter Gentry’s attempt to divorce the Nephilim from the supernatural sons of God via a YouTube video he created. His argument isn’t coherent because it implodes on itself, as I noted. In more recent days (Is there some reason the Nephilim have become popular in Christmas […]

Addendum to Peter Gentry on the Nephilim, December 13, 2019 – MSH I’m tempted to just tell readers to ignore what follows below (my original post) because it seems I have misunderstood Peter’s trajectory. But it’s there since it might be applicable to someone out there. I’m actually going to make this addendum a separate […]