It’s been a while since posting any update on my health—basically because there has been nothing new to report. The past week or so has been given to several medical […]

Brief update on my health: Well, this week wasn’t the news producer we thought it would be. I met with the surgeon today and was encouraged by his approach to […]

Don’t take this list the wrong way. Yes, I’m in chemotherapy for cancer, but this isn’t some sort of “last words” post! It just poppoed into my head today that […]

Most readers will know that I am currently in chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer. The goal of the therapy is to shrink a mass so that it can be surgically removed. […]

I just wanted to offer a brief thanks to my readers. A week ago my Angels book crossed the 1,000 reviews line on That mark means that I now have five […] is now listing the English reading of What Does God Want? If you enjoy audio books, this is a must!

I just saw that my old published journal article on this subject is no longer accessible online (it appeared in a peer-reviewed e-journal back in the day). Here is the […]

The title of this post is kind of clunky, but necessary. When I first heard this news about a week ago, my immediate thought was “How long will it take […]

I’ve been preparing notes for my next Fringepop filming round. We’re going to do some episodes on the latest UFO flap started several years ago by the New York Times […]

Those of you who have read my books (especially, The Unseen Realm) or heard me on interviews will enjoy this — it’s about what happens when people who don’t read my […]

I was recently informed by my friend Dr. Seth Postell, who teaches in Israel, about an upcoming Zoom Open House to be conducted by Bar Ilan University in regard to […]

I was recently interviewed by Kerby Anderson on Point of View. I was glad to be Kerby’s guest, as it reminded me of the good material he’s produced via Probe […]

This was fun – Messianic rabbi Eric Walker walk through Lexham Press’s Demons quiz (it markets my book). We both missed a few! Find out why:

I’m quite happy to announce a very special opportunity for all Awakening School of Theology and Ministry (ASOTM) student. ASOTM is my new school in Jacksonville, FL. ASOTM is not […]

The second module for language courses at my MEMRA website is now open for registration. The next module opening will be in November-December. Registration for this second 2020 module will […]

Just a quick note — a review of my best-selling book, The Unseen Realm: Recovering the Supernatural Worldview of the Bible, appeared today on the Christianity Today website. It’s by […]

I was recently interviewed by Doreen Virtue for her YouTube Channel. We talked about the content of the Demons book. Many of you will know Doreen’s background. She is the […]

You can listen here – we spend some time talking about God’s salvation plan and the Great Commission in this one.

That’s how these things usually go. When I checked my email this morning I saw that a friend had sent me this piece of nonsense: someone behind a blog called […]

I just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who has purchased my recent book, Demons: What the Bible Really Says About the Powers of Darkness. As you […]

I’m guessing this doesn’t come as a surprise. Sadly, Trey and I have decided that it’s best to cancel the Naked Bible Conference scheduled for this August. We of course […]

Easter is around the corner, and I was reminded of this post tonight during a Q & A session for the Awakening School of Theology and Ministry. It’s something I […]

There’s been a lot of talk online about how the advent of COVID-19 is an act of God specifically aimed at judging wicked people. While there’s no passage of Scripture […]

Let me start by saying (to your relief no doubt) that this Part will be shorter than the previous two. It was prompted some time ago, when I read the […]

The title of this post probably makes it clear that by “signs and wonders” I’m sort of picking off various topics that have something to do with sign gifts. Yes, […]

Subscribers to my newsletter know that I have been working on the first of a planned three-volume Reader’s Commentary on the Book of Enoch. That first volume is now shipping […]

A short time ago I blogged about my ministry going forward and mentioned Deuteronomy 13. More specifically, I wrote about how, due to the nature of what I often write […]

Some time ago I blogged about COME AND SEE, audio re-creations of the story of Jesus where the dialogue comes completely from the gospels. The production quality is quite compelling. […]

I’m tempted to just tell readers to ignore my original post on Peter Gentry’s thoughts on the Nephilim, because it seems I have misunderstood Peter’s trajectory. But I have nevertheless […]

This was a fun recent interview. You can listen via this link or click on the YouTube video below!