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Sub-Plot from The Portent in the News: Secret Meeting Held at Harvard about Creating a Synthetic Human Genome

This happened at least a half dozen times with The Facade — something in the book becomes news after the fact.  Here we go again with The Portent: From the Christian Science Monitor: Why did Harvard Scientists Hold a ‘Secret’ Synthetic Genome Meeting? This is why you should be reading my fiction (The Facade, The Portent). Time to put down the formulaic, shallow Christian fiction you get at Christian bookstore and graduate to something...

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DNA CRISPR Critters: We Shall Be as Gods

Have you read my novel, The Portent?  If so, the subject matter of the link below will sound familiar: Gene Drives – Will Conqueror Biomolecular Bots Dictate a New Book of Life? One of the sub-plots to The Portent is the use of genetic alteration and synthetic biology to create new species — or alien life forms, so as to create the fulfillment of that “discovery prediction.” If you haven’t read it, perhaps intelligent fiction with theological twists isn’t for you. And don’t forget — The Portent is the sequel to The Facade, so you’ll be lost without reading that first. Check out the reviews...

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Short Summary of an Episode in UFO Infamy: the Paul Bennewitz Affair

I’ve often referred to the Bennewitz affair in conversation about how certain U.S. government agencies and personnel are not above using UFO believes as tools to perpetuate a UFO narrative they find useful (read: a useful myth designed to misdirect away from something that isn’t mythical). What is the Bennewitz Affair, you ask? Well, I recommend reading Greg Bishop’s excellent book on the whole thing (Project Beta: The Story of Paul Bennewitz, National Security, and the Creation of a Modern UFO Myth). The story was also part of Mark Pilkington’s book, Mirage Men: An Adventure into Paranoia, Espionage, Psychological Warfare,...

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