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Link categories below are:

Ancient Aliens / Ancient Astronauts?
Zecharia Sitchin
The Divine Council
Planet X, Lunar and Mars Anomalies
UFOs in Medieval and Renaissance Art?
Aliens in Ancient Egypt?
Rockets in Ancient Mesopotamia and Phoenicia?
Ancient Monuments
Alleged Alien Biological Evidence
Christianity and ET Life
The Majestic Documents
Man-Made UFOs

Here are the links:

Ancient Aliens / Ancient Astronauts?

The best thing in general is the 3-hour documentary debunking the claims of the History Channel’s series Ancient Aliens. Mike appears in the documentary. It’s free on YouTube. The companion website includes transcripts of the film and source material for its refutation of ancient astronaut claims.

Examples of what the documentary includes are:

Puma Punku

Pacal’s “Rocket”

Ancient nuclear war


Jason Colavito has high-quality debunking material on Ancient Astronauts on his website and blog. For example:


Zecharia Sitchin

Mike covers Zecharia Sitchin’s claims in the documentary. Readers can get the data Mike talks about at these links to check Sitchin’s claims for themselves:

The word elohim: Sitchin’s errors and the raw data of the biblical text

  • Mike posts PDF files of computer search results in the Hebrew Bible that demonstrate that elohim often refers to a “god” or “God” (proper name and singular). Besides this evidence from the Hebrew Bible, he has also posted examples from ancient Mesopotamian texts (Akkadian) from the famous El-Amarna texts where the plural word for “gods” (‘ilanu) refers to a single person or god – just as in the case of Hebrew elohim.
  • So what does elohim mean? Click here.
  • But isn’t elohim in Genesis 1:26 referring to plural creators? Doesn’t that verse show we were made by aliens? No — at least if you care about Hebrew grammar. The verbs of creation are all grammatically singular, and the image is also described with singular pronouns (“his”) once the creation happens.  Here’s what it means (and by the way, even in the Babylonian Epic of creation the Anunnaki aren’t humanity’s creators — they’re just watching).

All occurrences of the word Anunnaki (including Anunna) in cuneiform tablets

  • The link above includes a video of Mike searching the Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature (free, online) for these terms. Watch and mimic the search for yourself. You’ll find out that NONE of the ET ideas Sitchin claims about the Anunnaki are in the actual tablets. It’s not about disagreeing about translation — it’s that his ideas don’t exist in the tablets.

Nibiru – it’s not a planet beyond Pluto according to Sumerian astronomical tablets

The 12th planet myth – VA243 cylinder seal isn’t about twelve planets

Ezekiel’s vision – it wasn’t a flying saucer: see Mike’s notes on the elements of the vision and what it really means

For more of Mike’s thoughts on Zecharia Sitchin’s teachings, click here.

And if you thought the History Channel was interested in objectively giving all viewpoints, Mike knows firsthand it isn’t so. Even the History Channel’s own researcher for Ancient Aliens thinks her job is ridiculous.


The Divine Council

Mike talks about this on a lot of shows, so …


Planet X, Face on Mars, Ziggurat on the Moon (Mars and Lunar Anomalies), Blood Moons

The best resources for debunking these items is found on the Exposing PseudoAstronomy blog and the Emoluments of Mars blog. Those sites are heavy on photo analysis frauds and misunderstandings and modern astronomical mythologies. Stuart Robbins’ Exposing Pseudoastronomy podcast is especially helpful. Stuart has done shows (or whole series of shows) on these topics.


UFOs in Medieval and Renaissance Art?

Art historian Diego Cuoghi has an excellent site showing conclusively that these claims are nonsense. Cuoghi makes his point with dozens of pieces of art. Much of the site is in English, including:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 5


Aliens in Ancient Egypt?

Once again, the work of real Egyptologists and archaeologists provide clear evidence that these claims are false. There were no aliens in Egypt.

The Abydos Glyphs (the “helicopter” in an Egyptian tomb myth)

The “Egyptian light bulb” at Denderah

The “picture of an alien gray” in an Egyptian wall painting

The dinosaurs in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs


Rockets in Ancient Mesopotamia and Phoenicia?

Wrong again – these texts and images are well known:

The Naram-Sin stela

Sitchin’s “SHU.MU rockets

The Byblos “rocket” (actually a cone at a temple – common iconography for Astarte)

  • The above link leads to a PDF article (15 MB); see the bottom of p. 40 through 41 of the PDF (= pp. 137-138 of the actual article)


Ancient Monuments

It’s actually not a mystery as to how the blocks of the pyramid and other structures were quarried, cut, and moved.

  • Here’s an archival page from Mike’s Paleobabble blog with several peer-reviewed articles by archaeologists and Egyptologists that take you into the world of Egyptian engineering and stone masonry.
  • The Orion correlation? Cool idea, but not spectacular (or precise).

Baalbek is usually thought to be humanly impossible. But as the article at this link shows, heavier objects have been moved in early modern times without the use of hydraulics and cranes. The article at the link also shows, from classical Greco-Roman sources, how such objects could be moved by principles of applied physics.

Besides, if one guy can erect a 20,000 lb. stela by himself by hand, without modern tools and machinery, ancient work teams with skilled engineers could do that and more.

  • The DVD at the above link is must-see viewing — it’s home video, but stunning. Wally Wallington is amazing.


Alleged Alien Biological “Evidence”

The Starchild Skull – the genetics don’t point to alien origins.

The Atacama alien – it isn’t alien, at least according to the genetics.

Does human “junk DNA” point to the extraterrestrial origin of humankind? Nope. What used to be called “junk DNA” is now better understood as not being junk.


Christianity and ET Life

Mike’s religion / theology doesn’t preclude an ET reality. He thinks it would cool to discover that intelligent extraterrestrial life was out there (providing it isn’t hostile). He’s lectured on whether conservative Christianity and Judaism could sustain an ET reality. One of those lectures can be viewed here (it’s an old version, but you’ll get the point):


Alien Abduction

Leah Haley’s research

Alien abduction and U. S. mind control programs


The Majestic Documents

Mike thinks the Majestic Documents are bogus — with respect to their alien claims and production. He had the ones with author names tested by a computational linguist for authenticity. That didn’t go well for the documents. Mike gave a lecture at a UFO conference in Roswell on the document testing. You can watch that here:

The Majestic documents have few friends among ufologists. Here’s an excellent video presentation by ufologist Alejandro Rojas of entitled “Majestic 12: A UFO Disinformation Scandal”:

The documents Alejandro shows and discusses in the above video can be obtained here.
There are other ufologists who think these documents are bogus. Here are some links to a recent online debate about them:

New Article on Majestic-12 Documents

Majestic-12 Debunking by Prominent Ufologists: 30 Years’ Looking Back

Kevin Randle says Majestic Document Eisenhower Briefing a Hoax

2014 online debate among ufologists on the Majestic documents – in chronological order of their posting.

June 30, 2014 –

The Myth of MJ-12: Appendix A –Pt 1

The Myth of MJ-12: Appendix A –Pt 2

The Myth of MJ-12: Appendix A –Pt 3

“Appendix A: The Myth of MJ-12” An Annotated Commentary By Barry Greenwood

Sept. 21, 2014 – MJ-12: Renowned Ufologist, Stanton Friedman Issues Debate Challenge To Naysayers

Sept. 23, 2014 – MJ-12: Alejandro Rojas Accepts Stanton Friedman’s Debate Challenge

Sept. 30, 2014 – MJ-12: Kevin Randle Rails Against Stanton Friedman’s Rebuttal

Sept. 30, 2014 – MJ-12: Stanton Friedman Fires Back; The Disputation with Kevin Randle Continues …

Oct. 7, 2014 – MJ-12 Debate Continues: Kevin Randle Queries Stanton Friedman

Oct. 8, 2014 – MJ-12 Debate Continues: Stanton Friedman Counters

Oct. 9, 2014 – MJ-12 Debate Continues: Alejandro Rojas Rebukes Stanton Friedman

Oct. 9, 2014 – MJ-12 Debate Continues: Kevin Randle’s Final Word on The Matter?

Oct 11, 2014 – Robert Hastings: MJ-12: The Hoax That Quickly Became a Disinformation Operation

Oct 19, 2014 – Roger Wescott, Roscoe Hillenkoetter and MJ-12

Oct 25, 2014 – MJ-12: No Proof that TF, CT, or EBD Documents are Fraudulent, Argues Friedman

Appendices of older material related to items referenced above:

Robert Hastings: Operation Bird Droppings – The MJ-12 Saga Continues

Robert Hastings: UPDATE 1: Operation Bird Droppings – The MJ-12 Saga Continues

Bird Droppings and MJ-12, Stanton Friedman Responds . . .


Man-Made UFOs

While Mike doesn’t think man-made UFOs explain every case, the human hypothesis has a lot of explanatory power.

Triangular UFOs and dirigible technology – the U. S. Patent Office

Nazi nuclear capability (the documented chemical method that does not require a reactor)

  • Zinsser testimony taken by intelligence personnel on August 19, 1945. It is preserved in microfilm, roll number A1007, and microfilmed in 1973 at Maxwell Air Force base in Alabama. The title of the military intelligence report is: “Investigations, Research, Development and Practical Use of German Atomic Bomb,” A.P.I.U. (Ninth Air Force) 96/145 APO 696, U.S. Army, August 1945. (report is classified Secret). A summary of that report can be read here.
  • A detailed, but readable, overview on Nazi nuclear technology, including an atomic bomb.
  • The UK Daily story on the 126,000 barrels of Nazi nuclear waste discovered in an old salt mine near Hanover.
  • Documentation for the Nazi Bell and how the chemical process behind the Bell (using Beryllium and Thorium) to derive weapons grade Uranium 233 is evidenced in Majestic documents that deal with UFO crash debris.

The needed materials for the above method show up in the Majestic Documents (what a surprise).

  • See also here and here
  • These links demonstrate a clear connection between the  material in the Majestic documents, the Roswell event, and Nazi German technology.
  • Majestic documents about UFO crash debris also (oddly) combine very terrestrial technology with alien ideas. Why?

Igor Witkowski’s book, The Truth About The Wunderwaffe

  • Witkowski used sources made available after the fall of the Berlin Wall, as well as the National Archives) documenting German saucer development.
  • The NARA (National Archives and Records Administration) catalog sheet notes that Germans were working on a flying saucer. The document to which the catalogue sheet refers in the NARA file was missing from the NARA file. Witkowski, who discovered this file, believes it had been pulled since there was a note within the file to that effect. See p. 287 of Witkowski’s book. There is a scan of the catalogue sheet on p. 284. The file designation at NARA is: NARA/RG-319 “Index to the ID File,” Box 117.
  • The de-classified documents from the NARA file on Prof. Ronald Richter (inventor of the chemical process that produces nuclear capability) that mention “experimental approach to the unified field theory and the velocity of propagation of gravity” and “nuclear propulsion systems under hypersonic flight conditions” are reproduced in Witkowski, p. 302.

Important UFO Cases

The Roswell Incident

The Rendlesham UFO
The Lead Codices from Jordan