I will be speaking in Heber Springs, Arkansas on February 18, 2017, from 9am-5pm. This will be a day event focused on Unseen Realm content. The event will be held at the Quality Inn in Heber Springs, AR. 3450 Highway 25B North Heber Springs, AR Phone: (501) 362-1000 The event is sponsored by the St […]

You’ve heard of fake news? (Who hasn’t?) How about some fake exegesis? Some time ago I blogged about the nonsensical idea that the Hebrew particle את has an amazing hidden meaning in Gen 1:1 (that’s an aleph and taw, read right-to-left, for those who don’t read Hebrew). In the original paleobabble post on this, the […]

Remember the demon fairy fiasco? If not, read that link first. Although “peer review” in this case (below) isn’t about submission to an academic journal, the principle is the same. Anomalous objects, experiences, events, etc. should be submitted for review by experts capable of objective evaluation before claims about what said object, experience, event is […]

I’m happy to announce that there are two new Kindle books available: Notes on Leviticus from the Naked Bible Podcast ($0.99) Notes on the Book of Acts from the Naked Bible Podcast ($0.99) As you might guess from the titles, these are edited version of the transcripts from the episodes on the podcast series on […]

Chapter 24 is a turning book in the book of Ezekiel. After Ezekiel’s call (Ch. 1-3), the book has, to this point, been a series of gloom-and-doom pronouncements to the exiled Jews in Babylon subverting their expectations that Jerusalem, the temple, and their friends and loved ones back in Jerusalem were safe from divine judgment. […]

The ASOR blog posted a short essay today entitled, “Early Philistine Religion in Text and Archaeology.” Check it out!

Hard to believe, but the Planet-Xers are still out there making more bogus predictions. David Meade says Planet X will crash into the earth in October, destroying us all. How is it that real astronomers don’t see this happening? Good question. Meade has the answer: Planet X can only be detected by “specialized, large telescopes—controlled […]

The episode is now live!

I’ve been intending to review Jack Brewer’s book, The Greys Have Been Framed: Exploitation in the UFO Community, for some time now. I’ve linked to some of Jack’s research posted on his blog The UFO Trail before. Jack has devoted considerable effort into tracking the connections between what passes for alien abductions and documented, historical […]

I’d recommend this interesting essay to readers. It was published by the Christian Research Institute. The essay has some deficiencies, in that there are other important differences (and nuances within the differences noted). For example, the OT law was also something extended to non-Israelites (i.e., God expected the elohim allotted to the nations (Deut 32:8-9, reading with […]

On what day was Jesus actually born? What year? Does the timing matter? Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus on December 25, but virtually all Christians know that day isn’t the real birth date of the messiah. While that is certainly the case, has the birth date of Jesus been lost to time, or can […]

Guy Malone, organizer of the 2017 Roswell conference at which I’ll be speaking, recently sent me this link: Leading Researcher Shocks, Debunking Own Roswell Story The article is by Bill Turner, but it draws heavily on an interview between Randle and Robert Sheaffer, linked at the bottom of this excerpt of Turner’s piece: UFO news […]

Below is a video interview I did a week ago. The channel’s focus is (obviously) Wormwood and Planet X stuff, but we spent nearly all the time talking about other things. Wormwood came up (it was no secret to the hosts that I don’t think the Planet X material is coherent at all) but we […]

If you listen to episode 137 of the Naked Bible Podcast you’ll find out that Trey has come up with an idea to promote the podcast. It sounds like fun. From now until the end of January, Trey will be tracking social media channels for anyone who shares a short post or story about listening […]

Ezekiel 23 essentially takes up where Ezekiel 16 left off. The latter chapter is perhaps the most sexual explicit in the entire Bible, as its theme is to present Jerusalem and Judah as a whore to telegraph her spiritual betrayal of Yahweh. In this chapter both the defunct Norther kingdom (Israel/Samaria) and the remaining Southern […]

Here’s a link to a short essay that outlines the basic “techniques” for pseudo-archaeological analysis. While the essay notes the flawed thinking of Glenn Beck in regard to the Newark Earthworks, the essay ought to be a cautionary piece for all Christian Middle Earth researchers who are prone to same basically the same things about […]

Those interested in ufology and the propensity of too many of within its investigative community to posture for self-importance and sabotage efforts to do objective research will find this telling narrative about the targeting of Isaac Koi (a pseudonym). Koi’s work was very helpful in getting to the bottom of the Roswell slides fiasco. And […]

If you’ve wanted to learn biblical Greek or Hebrew (or maybe something even more adventurous, like biblical Aramaic or Ugaritic), now is the time. The end of registration for the first 2017 module of MEMRA (midnight, December 25) is fast approaching. These are lengthy video courses (broken down over the course of a full year) […]

These two chapters of Ezekiel beat a familiar drum: Jerusalem is doomed (21) because of her unrelenting wickedness and apostasy (22). Chapter 21 consists of four oracles “clarifying” for hard-of-hearing Israelites what fate awaited them as Nebuchadnezzar moved toward Jerusalem. Chapter 22 is comprised of three separate sermonettes targeting the evils of the city’s politicians, […]

Those who have never read my first novel, The Facade, may find this interview interesting. It was fun — got me more in the mood than ever for book 3. Hope to start writing that in May. The centerpiece of the novel is a simple, but profound, question: What would the impact be on the traditional Judeo-Christian […]

This is Part 2 of 2 of my interview with John Ventre, the Director of Pennsylvania MUFON. Part 1 can be found here.

John Ventre is the Pennsylvania MUFON Director and has been a member of that MUFON chapter since 1998. He recently interviewed me about UFOs, alien abduction and, of course, my thoughts on Zecharia Sitchin’s work. Here is Part 1 of 2.

These two chapters in Ezekiel rehearse parts of Israel’s tragic history in different ways. This episode discusses both chapters, but devotes more attention to several controversial and difficult passages in chapter 20. Ezekiel 19 is a lamentation that uses animal and plant imagery to describe the demise of Israel’s last few kings. Chapter 20 reviews […]

[MSH: When readers finish this essay, they will recognize its internal consistency with my argument in The Unseen Realm that salvation was the same across the board in both testaments. The issue was believing loyalty to Yahweh. Dr. Johnson raises the question of how someone outside Israel and its sacrificial system could anyone be “atoned […]

Sleep paralysis can be defined in several ways. In terms of the experiencer, it can be described as “a visitation by a malevolent creature which attacked its victims as they slept” (Cox). More clinically, sleep paralysis is understood as “a transient,conscious state of involuntary immobility occurring when falling asleep or upon wakening” (Cheyne, 2002). Research […]

Many readers will be familiar with my friend Brian Godawa and his work since he utilized and re-purposed a lot of divine council research (my own included) in the creating his fantasy series, The Chronicles of the Nephilim. If you listen to my Peeranormal podcast, Brian is one of several occasional co-hosts. Brian was the […]

Follow the link below to what, in my experience, is the most lengthy scholarly treatment of the relevant primary sources for the meaning of baptizein (“baptize”) availablable. The article just appeared online for free, though it was published in 2011: Eckhard Schnabel, “The Meaning of Baptizein in Greek, Jewish, and Patristic Literature,” Filologia Neotestamentaria 24 […]

I posted my ETS paper (“The Divine Council in the Pentateuch”) in PDF form a few days ago. It’s now available in Kindle format.

During the recent annual meetings for biblical studies scholars held in San Antonio, Dr. Heiser interviewed a number of scholars about their recent work. In Part 6 of those interviews, we chat with Stephen Huebscher (PhD candidate at Clarks Summit University), David DeSilva (New Testament professor at Ashland Theological Seminary), and Dr. Craig Keener (New […]

This was our first live episode. Trey, myself and David Burnett got together with podcast listeners and a live Q & A broke out! Thank you to everyone who came and joined us in San Antonio!

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