Many readers will have seen the slick video report about an alleged “new species” mummy found in Peru. This is a well-done video by Gaia TV, sure to appeal to the gullible. Lots of folks with white masks saying sciencey things (i.e., speculating with big words). Some of them even have degrees (which makes me […]

Various news outlets breathlessly reported that the well-known activist / hacktivist group known as Anonymous had posted an announcement about an impending NASA announcement that intelligent ET life was a reality. The link above leads to a video that purports to be this announcement. The first thing I did was to check the OFFICIAL Anonymous […]

The Jew and Gentile podcast has a connection to Ratio Christi, a well-known campus ministry. I’m grateful for the invitation, as campus ministry is so significant. Enjoy the episode!

David Burnett returns to the podcast to discuss Paul’s defense of his apostleship and his heavenly ascent in 2 Corinthians 11-12. This episode expands upon an earlier episode on Paul’s ascent, specifically linking it to Second Temple Jewish apocalyptic literature (the Ascension of Abraham) and rabbinic material that appears to draw on that earlier material. […]

I just wanted to put something on the blog (again) about my rejection of the idea that Revelation 12 has anything to do with the second coming or end times in general. I’ve been getting emails with links to YouTube videos like this one that use my thoughts about the astral signage being an indication […]

Gerald R. McDermott (PhD, University of Iowa) is Anglican Chair of Divinity at Beeson Divinity School in Birmingham, Alabama. Before joining Beeson, he was the Jordan-Trexler Professor of Religion at Roanoke College. He is also associate pastor at Christ the King Anglican Church and Distinguished Senior Fellow in the History of Christianity at Baylor University’s […]

Well, I’ve entered “novel #3 research mode.” Not sure what clicked in my head, but the last couple of days I’ve had a bunch of scenes and ideas fly into my head. I guess it’s time. I hope to start writing this fall. Readers of The Facade and The Portent will know that one of the new characters introduced […]

I wrote and self-published The Bible Code Myth over ten years ago. I don’t believe it was ever on Amazon (so long ago I can’t remember). I had sold it as a PDF as well. Through a lot of help on the part of Peter Rust, a friend of mine who has helped out with other Kindle […]

Faithlife TV has just added what they’re calling an “Unseen Realm lecture series” to the channel’s content. You need to subscribe to Faithlife TV to watch them. It’s very inexpensive (I think around $5 a month). I hope many of you will do that, as it will encourage Faithlife (my employer, the maker of Logos […]

Short answer: No. For why, listen to the episode and read its associated source material. Description: The idea that people with Rh-Negative blood indicates alien or nephilim ancestry is on the rise in fringe internet communities and websites. In this episode our panel is joined by someone with medical training (MD) who is familiar with […]

Many of you have asked about the status of my self-published three-book 60-Second Scholar series. The books are no longer available for purchase on Amazon, and some folks have posted ridiculous prices for used copies. I had to “retire” the series on Amazon because I was in negotiation with several mainstream Christian publishers who expressed […]

June 23 … This is pretty cool. I’m glad to see churches have the courage to expose their people to the Bible in its own context. (Think about that statement). David’s topic is: “The Divine Council: The Falling and Rising of the Sons of God.” The event is scheduled for Friday, June 23, at 6:30 […]

The “evil eye” was a widespread superstition in the ancient world, one that continues on into the present day. The belief that one could cause someone harm merely by looking at them, or cast a spell over them by the same means, shows up in ancient Egypt, Mesopotamian, Greece, Rome, and Rabbinic writings. But does […]

The updated link is here. One of my speaking times has changed. You can of course see all the speakers and their topics at this particular conference.

Well, it was just a few days ago that my latest book, Reversing Hermon: Enoch, the Watchers, and the Forgotten Mission of Jesus Christ, became available on Kindle. Now the book is available for pre-order for Logos Bible Software users. Make it part of your biblical studies data mine! Enjoy!

In this episode Dr. Heiser talks to the men behind a new translation project, John Hobbins and Samuel Bray. The first volume of their effort is entitled Genesis 1-11: A New Old Translation for Readers, Scholars, and Translators. Our discussion focuses on the translation enterprise – what translators need to think about as they do […]

The wait is over! My latest book, Reversing Hermon: Enoch, the Watchers, and the Forgotten Mission of Jesus is now on Kindle! Just follow the link for the Kindle version.

This was the second time I’ve filled a pulpit since 2004. The Loch Ness monster is seen more often than I show up in a pulpit. But I am getting requests to post this and, more importantly, I keep getting questions that tell me that many Christians really don’t understand the simplicity of the gospel. I […]

Readers of Reversing Hermon know that this information is in an appendix to that book. But in the book these allusions are given in full and are listed by Pseudepigraphical source. That’s one reason that appendix is so long! We should all thank Warren Hart for something much more compact and readable. Warren has produced an index […]

I was on Carl Gallups’ show this past Friday. It’s short (half hour), but the show has a large audience in the Gulf area. Enjoy!

Good discussion, and some equally good thoughts scattered through the comments. Inerrancy and Textual Criticism

Boy, am I tired of hearing about Gobekli Tepe. Pardon the pun, but it’s become a monument to those who cannot distinguish speculation from data. The truth is that no one really knows what the site was for, who built, or why it was built. No one knows the meaning of the iconography. This is […]

I received an email recently asking me whether the following story was real or not: Smithsonian Admits to Destruction of Thousands of Giant Human Skeletons in Early 1900’s This is actually an old hoax. It apparently originated via the World News Daily Report, a satirical, tabloid site. You can read the unraveling of the hoax here. […]

This is the final installment of David Burnett’s guest series.   This reading of Genesis 15:5 may appear novel yet it has an ancient antecedent in one of the earliest commentaries on Romans. Origen believed that in Romans 4, Paul did in fact understand the Abrahamic promise of Genesis 15:5 to become as the stars […]

I just posted the new module registration page for the second module of MEMRA’s 2017 language courses. In case you are not familiar with my MEMRA site, here is an explanation from the landing page: MEMRA courses provide academic content at a level similar to what would be experienced in a college or seminary course. […]

I’ll be honest. I’m among those of you (and there are a lot of us) who’d think of themselves as “math-challenged.” That makes me vulnerable to being impressed by people who do amazing things with numbers and then attribute meaning to the results. I’ve known people who were skilled at that whom I thought to […]

The episode of Noah’s drunkenness in Genesis 9 has long befuddled interpreters. One of Noah’s sons, Ham, commits some heinous crime against his father. Oddly, though, Ham is not the one cursed by his father. Instead, Ham’s son Canaan bears the wrath of Noah. This episode explores the traditional solutions to the interpretive confusion and […]

The Ark of the Covenant is well-known because of the popular Indiana Jones movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark. That pop culture film offers just one of over a dozen theories on what happened to the Ark of the Covenant. The question arises because the ark is not one of the artifacts taken to Babylon […]

This is Part 5 of David Burnett’s guest series.   In early Judaism it was widely accepted that in the resurrection or afterlife, the righteous were to in some sense become as the stars or angels.1 In Dan 12:2-3, “Many of those who sleep in the dust of the ground will awake, these to everlasting […]

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