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2nd MEMRA Module for 2016 – Registration Now Open

The second module for my ancient language courses (MEMRA) is now available for registration.  Here are the relevant details: Courses Offered Beginning Biblical Hebrew Beginning Biblical Greek Beginning Biblical Aramaic Beginning Ugaritic Course descriptions can be found here.  Each course has a textbook requirement not covered by the course cost. Textbooks must be ordered on Amazon or otherwise obtained by students.  The videos follow the textbook. Registration ends June 21. After registration ends paying students will receive email instructions about accessing the course videos Module begins July 5 Courses are 52 weeks long, though paying students retain access as long...

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Cool Motion-Animation Video of Ancient Israelite Cosmology

Thanks to Shaun Swanson for his effort in producing this video, and to Steve McHenry for the voiceover. This is the sort of thing Miqlat (my non-profit)1 will be able to produce with regularity if the financial support base grows. I want to have dozens (hundreds?!) of these. Enjoy! See this long post, about a third of the way down, for the Miqlat vision....

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Be Part of the 100th Episode of the Naked Bible Podcast!

The 100th episode of the podcast is fast approaching. We’d like many of you to be a guest on that episode! If you’d like to be part of this milestone episode, please record yourself and send that recording to Trey at Here’s what we’d like in terms of recording: keep it under 2 minutes in length include your first name and where you are from Let us know how you found the podcast, what you enjoy about it, and how you make use of its content Deadline for submission to Trey is May 12. We’ll be giving away a book...

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Naked Bible Podcast Episode 98: Conversation about Alternatives to Modern Church (“House Churches”)

In this episode Mike and Trey talk with Tim Andrews and Rich Baker about alternative ways to think about church – specifically, if church wasn’t a time or a place, what would that be like? Tim Andrews currently lives in Atlanta, GA, and has been in leadership in alternative church communities for over twenty years. Rich Baker has a long history in ministry to the homeless and other marginalized communities in the US and abroad. Many who listen to the podcast feel displaced from church and have expressed the desire to connect with likeminded people. This episode focuses on...

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