Here’s a link to a short essay that outlines the basic “techniques” for pseudo-archaeological analysis. While the essay notes the flawed thinking of Glenn Beck in regard to the Newark Earthworks, the essay ought to be a cautionary piece for all Christian Middle Earth researchers who are prone to same basically the same things about lost tribes and the presumed need for nephilim descendants to explain such mounds. Again, this is a basic survey of how real archaeologists expose flawed thinking. The Moundbuilder issue, with all its racially-charged messaging (i.e., Native Americans were too backward or stupid to build these things on their own), has gotten considerable attention from real archaeologists. They could shoot all sorts of holes in the sort of North American nephilim moundbuilder thinking many readers will be familiar with. Doing pseudo-archaeology and thinking poorly don’t build a reputation for honesty and careful research, something Christians should want.