The National Archives recently de-classified records concerning a USAF project from the 1950s that aimed to build flying saucers. The schematic below is one of the pictures found at the above link.

The project was known as “Project 1794.” I’ve seen several posts on this today. One of the better ones is that found on the Daily Grail. The Grail post notes that this project was related to the development of the failed Avrocar, but it also includes a healthy dose of skepticism in regard to the project allegedly shutting down in 1960. Count me among the skeptics.



Readers know that I’ve favorably mentioned (and reviewed) Nick Redfern’s Roswell book, Body Snatchers in the Desert: The Horrible Truth at the Heart of the Roswell Story. I mention it here because part of Nick’s thesis is that the craft that crashed at Roswell was an experimental saucer attached to a high altitude balloon — that the Roswell incident represented a marriage between PAPERCLIP wingless aircraft technology begun by Nazi aerospace scientists and Japan’s Project FUGO, whose goal was transportation of lethal bio-agents to the west coast of the US via high altitude balloons. The marriage involved using these balloons to carry saucer-shaped prototypes with human unfortunates as guinea pigs to learn about the effects of high altitude (Nick discusses “Project Sunshine” in that regard). With this in mind, I have used the photograph below on my Roswell Mythos web page for illustrative purposes. The PAPERCLIP connection was part of the plotline of my novel, The Facade, which appeared prior to Nick’s non-fiction work. Note the date at the bottom of the picture: 1967.

It strikes me as odd that this technological marriage continued well after 1960 if the USAF was no longer interested in the wingless craft design. Why not use some other object or craft?  It suggests to me that research into the wingless craft design continued. Nick theorizes (with some intriguing circumstantial evidence brought forth) that the program also included applying nuclear technology to the wingless craft. As such, it wouldn’t have involved anything like the “gravity modification” technology talked about with respect to UFO propulsion — this was the late 40s – 1960s after all . . . unless Joe Farrell’s work on the Nazi “Bell” is at least in part on target (see Reich Of The Black Sun: Nazi Secret Weapons & The Cold War Allied Legend and Roswell and the Reich: The Nazi Connection).

In short, I’m not buying the USAF disinterest, or “death by Avrocar” storyline.