Well, it took the women in ministry issue to drive me back to eschatology :-).

Just kidding.  I was reading through the blog comments tonight and was prompted to see if I could find an alternate source for Leslie McFall’s fascinating article on the chronology of the prophetic weeks of Daniel. It was just published (2009) and I had no way of obtaining it for blog consumption … until now.  Turns out Dr. McFall has a personal website, and he has a copy of the article posted on his site. No doubt a pre-edited version of the one that was published.  So here it is: “Do the 69 Weeks of Daniel Date the Messianic Mission of Nehemiah or Jesus?

McFall has been researching the field of biblical chronology for some time. This is 47 pages of chunky chronological goodness (with incredibly detailed charts — perhaps even mind-numbing). His thesis in this article is that the 69 weeks give us a very precise chronology ending in the time of Nehemiah.

NOTE: This article refers to an earlier article by McFall that dealt with the time of Nehemiah. McFall also has version of that article on his website here.