I’ve had some folks send me the link to this recent article: “Data From a Dead Satellite Reveals Lost Continents Under Antarctica.” This is followed by the breathless proclamation: “These gravity images are revolutionizing our ability to study the least understood continent on Earth—Antarctica.”

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz …

As I wrote to one person who sent me the link (which I appreciated):

Well, under all that ice there’s … land. Who’d have thought? This was obviously already known. Antarctica is a continent (or continents depending on how we want to apportion the land area).  They’re only “lost” because they’ve been covered with ice. These images just help to see the shape of the land mass(es) under the ice.

In other words, this isn’t about the discovery of lost civilizations (though I’ll expect an Ancient Aliens episode to tell that to the world in short order). Dirt and civilization are two quite different things.

And I do indeed expect all sort of “see, we told you so” posts online from ancient astronaut theorists. After all, this sort of illogic is the foundation of their work. I also expect some Christian “researchers” to tell us this validates the Americas being Atlantis, or the migration of nephilim, or some such “biblically based” nonsense. That will make me cringe, prompting me to pray that few people will be duped into marrying the gospel to modern hokum about the ancient world. The former just makes me laugh.
The timing of this is, dare I say, providential. The YouTube Fringepop321 Channel just uploaded our epsiode on the Piri Reis map — the one that ancient aliens believers say shows the Antarctic when not covered by ice, proof positive that aliens gave someone photos of the area from their space craft (or some other means of bestowing their advanced knowledge). Too bad the map itself tells us what the land mass on it is. Watch and discover below: