Some of you may have noticed in the comments that I replied to a commenter that the idea that ancient Egyptians were Negroes is nonsense (er, paleobabble). I thought I’d direct anyone interested in this to some resources.

Here is a scholarly article that does a nice (but technical) job of saying that such discussion about race entirely miss the mark. The article deals with .. wait for it … biology and the ancient Egyptian race issue.  No, they weren’t Negroes; there was a lot of genetic interchange between native Egyptians and Negroes (and others), though.

Keita, S. O. Y. (1995). “Studies and Comments on Ancient Egyptian Biological Relationships”. International Journal of Anthropology 10 (2–3): 107–123.

You might also find this article by professor Frank Snowden (recently deceased, and of Howard University, an African-American institution of high repute) of interest. He takes Afrocentrists to task for their idiosyncratic views on this subject. Snowden was one of the leading authorities on blacks in antiquity.