I can hardly wait for the paleobabble-sphere gets hold of this one. No, archaeologists haven’t discovered ancient electronics in the Mayan temples. This article is about how the positioning and certain architectural features of Mayan temples may reflect a knowledge of good acoustics (as opposed to a good knowledge of acoustics). This shouldn’t be a surprise. Acoustics (the fact that the human voice carries better in certain places and under certain conditions) is something that can be learned by experience and experimentation.  But duplicating it takes some smarts. No aliens needed, just smart humans.

But just wait — I would bet my paleobabble library that talk shows that cater to this sort of thing will have “researchers” on that will tell us the temples were designed to communicate messages from the space gods. Or maybe they designed the temples that way so everyone could here “we’re all going to die tomorrow!” on December 20, 2012.