Andrew Collins posted what follows in my comments section. I want to be sure all the PaleoBabble readers see Andrew’s responses, so I reproduce them here, with a comment of my own.


Hi, everyone,

The recent posting by the Giza Archives Project website of a preliminary plan of the Tomb of the Birds, through which access can be gained to Giza’s previously unrecorded cave system, has only deepened the mystery. The plan, made as part of George Reisner’s Harvard-MFA expedition in 1939, does not even show the full extent of the tomb, never mind the cave system beyond it.

MSH: This is a salient point, and one neglected by the Manuelian post.

I know this story has already been mentioned on the site, but for those not familiar with it yet, see “More on the So-called “Caves” at Giza”, September 16, 2009, at“caves”-at-giza/

And my response at:

I examine where this leaves us now.

[A] full plan of the tomb and caves has been drawn, and I shall post this in the future.


There you go!  Interesting for sure.