That last article may have had you wondering about my choice of the word “secular.”  I’ve quoted religion scholar Christoper Partridge on this blog a number of times. Partridge has done a great deal of research showing that “secularization” is really a re-paganizing process (he uses the term “re-enchantment”). That’s the flavor of that article. It also is far from objective. Consider this choice quotation, after she overviews traditional religion, then “new age” worldviews as recent innovation or advancement in religion (!):

Is there any convergence between the evolving ideas of the religious, spiritual and philosophical leaders and what we have received from the helper and watcher extraterrestrials? Salla and Lamiroy have described the “helper” extraterrestrials as those who show respect for humans, do not abduct, and share information through telepathic communication. The “helpers” support a spiritual earth culture and are concerned with the environment and global transformation.

Uh, wouldn’t it be nice to actually get proof that there are ETs (as in beings from another planet) first? And how convenient — the aliens she favors don’t do nasty things to people.

In this next piece (a book review), atheist Michael Shermer gives us what he calls “Shermer’s last law”: “Any sufficiently advanced extraterrestrial intelligence is indistinguishable from God.” The question is, do you think that’s true or can it be undermined? I’m of the latter opinion.

And in the spirit of Shermer’s Last law, I’d like to apply it to the former article’s new-agey and pretty gullible writer:  “Any helper ET that spouts theosophy is indistinguishable from a demonic anti-Christ inter-dimensional propagandist.”