In case you like late-night talk radio, you might want to tune in. The C2C site has a list of affiliates by state to catch the show.

I’ve been on C2C many times. The host for this one will be Ian Punnett. Ian is a seminary grad (went to both Univ of Chicago Div school and Columbia  in SC). He will make the material interesting.  I’ve emailed him with some resources to (hopefully) present a balanced interview.  But then there’s Bart.  Bart is a very capable scholar, but he doesn’t have much time for things like logic and even-handedness in analyzing data.  That’s unfortunate, since the result is that he often commits paleobabble-ological sins (hey, a new word!).

In case some of you have not bothered to keep up with Bart Ehrman’s less-than-charitable view of the text fo the NT, here are some resources:

This last link below is especially important, since it is produced by the most widely trafficked (and easily the most scholarly) textual criticism blog on the internet: