In no particular order, what I’m going to do in the ensuing posts is to write out statements of affirmation and denial and hope that readers critique the language in careful, constructive ways. Naturally, after we get a bunch of these posted it may become clear how to group them or “mix and match” them for coherence.

Here’s the first:

I affirm that the Bible is revelation from God produced in writing through the agency of human authors. This agency involved human authors writing on the basis of their own abilities, education, styles, worldview, backgounds, and idiosyncrasies. I deny that the writing of the Bible required encounters between God and the writers where the human authors came under divine control as though God’s delivery of his revelation necessitated seizing the mind of the writer to produce the words of the text. I further deny that the words of the text were given to the authors by God through some sort of dictation process, whether audible or mental.