If you read the original Bible Software Shootout post, you’ll recall that I expressed surprise that one of the presenting companies, BibleWorks, could not search across different texts.  It didn’t sound right, but a user of theirs confirmed that for me after the shootout.  Turns out he (and therefore I) had that wrong.

BibleWorks’ presenter is a friend of mine (Glenn Weaver) and Glenn sent me an email afterward correcting me.  He guessed (I presume correctly) that I and the other fellow misunderstood the audience question that he had answered with a “no”.  I asked Glenn to create a video (or something visual) I could post on behalf of BibleWorks, and here it is.  The part that specifically relates to what I was thinking and was surprised about is the section of the link “Using the Cross Version Search Mode.”  That BibleWorks can do this makes more sense to me than what I took away from the shootout, since this sort of capability seems standard in software packages.

Thanks to Glenn for providing this in a timely manner!