I’ve made a short (7:20) video to show you all the new datasheet view in Logos 4. The datasheet view is still in development for a near-future release/update of 4.0. We used it at the Bible Software Shootout for reasons that will be obvious — it’s a powerful tool for making the results of a search very useful to the scholar.  I did this video at home, so it isn’t great in terms of quality, but I didn’t want anyone interested to wait too long. It ends abruptly (my editing skills aren’t exactly honed to perfection), but you’ll get the idea. Hopefully you won’t hear my kids too much in the background.

What we really hope to do with the datasheet is marry it to the syntax databases. The search on the video is a simple morph/lemma search (and I do it in both the Hebrew text and via an English Bible). Andersen-Forbes has literally dozens of data items that will get sucked into the datasheet when returning search results.  Scholars will be able to sort by syntactical nodes / categories, in conjunction with morphology, source tags, genre tags, etc.  Great stuff.

The datasheet (especially in all its coming fullness) will *really* be what a scholar would want when writing an article or monograph (that was the scenario in the shootout).

Click HERE for the video.

I’ll likely post once more with respect to the shootout. Like I said before, this blog isn’t about software. But for those who can’t seem to accept that syntactical databases are the cutting edge, you’ll see some eye-candy in that regard shortly.