Some of you may have heard about the new BYU excavations at the Fag el-Gamous necropolis in Egypt. Because the area is so large (300 acres) and the mummies recovered at buried in mass graves (these are commoners of the Roman era through Late Antiquity), some archaeologists speculate that there could be one million mummies waiting discovery.

One of the mummies discovered was a man who is seven feet tall. I can hardly wait to see how those who sensationalize nephilim tell the world how one 7-foot skeleton translates into a race of giants. A handful of 7-footers in a graveyard of tens of thousands, perhaps a million, mummies would be a percentage (you guessed it) like we have today.

But you know they’re going to say it. (And there will be no word on why it doesn’t have an elongated skull or extra rows of teeth).