This link comes courtesy of the KV64 blog maintained by Kate Phizackerley (recommended to readers on several occasions).  Kate points us to a brief article on the Archaeology New Network blog from this past June which sketches reasons for rejecting the KV55 mummy as that of Akhenaten.

This link is relevant to the DNA testing of King Tut and his extended family which we have blogged about several times (see here, here, and here for a few). KV64 (Kate P.) had previously posted about the doubtful nature of the KV55 identification with Akhenaten. The bottom line is that, if the KV55 mummy is not Akhenaten, then his remains have yet to be found and the DNA research done on Tut cannot be linked to him as of yet.

While some Egyptologists would argue that Akhenaten’s remains were destroyed along with the attempt to eradicate his memory from Egypt, I think the obvious answer has been missed: the aliens who spawned him took the body back to their home planet.  It’s eminently logical, isn’t it? Since that big head of his is scientific proof that he was an alien, if his body is missing logic dictates that they took the body!  There can’t be any other more coherent explanation. I find it compelling. Now back to my journal article on Jesus’ appearances in potato chips.