A recent reader commented that “hoaxkiller” had pretty much debunked the recent Chilean UFO video. I’m inclined to agree. I had asked for the link, but went searching tonight. Here is the relevant thread. It’s pretty compelling that we have insects, not flying craft, on the video.

I think this analysis might also be relevant for the recent Denver UFO film. The thing about that film that I find unconvincing is the random (and therefore unintelligent) movements of the object. There seems to be no point to them. The fact that the same “object” was caught on film by a television crew isn’t persuasive to me if what is being filmed accidentally are insects at some distance. The time of day (it’s regular) is also not compelling (to this point) because it has not been established that the same images could *not* be captured at different times of the day. Additionally, if that video is capturing insects, no one has asked the question of what might be attracting them during the day in that sight-line.

So, I think we can all move on from the Chilean case. Denver is still open, though.