Jason Colavito posted an interesting essay today where he checks up on an alleged UFO account in a 1461. His post begins:

Let us stipulate at the outset that the famed ufologist Jacques Vallée is French, so we should expect that his translation from his native language should be among the most accurate materials in the 2009 book he co-wrote with Chris Aubeck, Wonders in the Sky. Therefore, when I went to check on what the two authors claimed to be a medieval French account of a silvery flying saucer on the night of November 1, 1461, I was frankly surprised that it appeared that the authors had not actually read the original text they claim to cite.

I reviewed Wonders in the Sky way back when and noted that it at times engages in some pretty uncritical thinking. But Jason does the grunt work here of learning some Middle French to check up on this account. What did he find? Give it a read.