I’ve been asked many times whether I have video lectures on “all your divine council stuff.” Until now the answer has been no.

Readers may recall that well over a year ago I went to a conference event in PA that had something to do with the divine council. That event was the first time I’ve ever been invited to speak anywhere about the divine council worldview. I don’t imagine it will happen again. I had two full days to go through a pile of stuff and it was all caught on video.

So here’s your chance.

There are 9 DVDs with a CD that contains all the powerpoints. I go through Old Testament and New Testament. I doubt this will ever happen again, so this is the only place you’ll be able to get my divine council worldview lectures in this form. Really.

I should add that RCM is a worthwhile group to support. What they do is also a bit of a sub-plot in the sequel to The Facade that I’m currently working on. I get no royalty for any purchase, but it helps them in their ministry (they paid for all the production). I’d encourage you to get the set. I don’t have copies and won’t be selling them myself. This is the only source.