By now I’ve probably received a heads up on the story about Canaanite DNA disproving the biblical conquest narrative a dozen times. Here’s my own heads-up: If you see some “news” about the Bible in mass media, you can presume it’s click-bait archaeoporn that will invariably get something wrong. This latest was no exception.

I won’t bore you with the details (you can read the link above if you want). Basically, no (including some of the scholars quoted in the articles) bothered to look at the totality of the conquest narrative. It’s quite clear that not all the Canaanites were eliminated. And if you’ve read my book, Unseen Realm, there are several verbs used in the conquest instructions that don’t call for death of the Canaanites. The real target for elimination were the Anakim. But I digress. Anyway, several media outlets have now issued apologies and retractions for being biblically illiterate. A nice gesture, but I doubt they’ll learn the lesson.