[Hat tip to Jack Brewer at The UFO Trail for alerting me to this review.]

Alien Viruses: Crashed UFOs, MJ-12, & Biowarfare is a new book by Dr. Robert Wood (with Nick Redfern) published by Richard Dolan Press.  Dr. Wood has a PhD in physics and had a long career in the aerospace technology field. He’s well known in ufology for his forensic work on the controversial Majestic Documents. The reviewer, Dr. Tyler Kokjohn, is a professor of microbiology at the Midwestern University Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine.

I had not planned to read this book, as its subject matter seemed quite contrived. Kokjohn’s review tells me my instincts were correct. Here are a couple lines from the review.

The book is fundamentally a one-sided interpretation of alleged facts extracted from written materials of dubious provenance and/or obtained from witness testimony much of which is indirect hear-say.  Whether MJ-12 and other Roswell incident-related documents are authentic has long been controversial.  Unfortunately, the accounts provided by the authors do not dispel doubts, they increase them. . . . The authors present an astonishing tale based heavily on falsified documents and sometimes indirect witness testimony.  In the end, the story between the lines they probably never intended to reveal – of incurious investigators and fatal omissions – was the more interesting because it appears to be true.