Hollywood’s shallow-but-incessant swipes at Christianity are of course nothing new. But now we’re treated to using a grey alien as the vehicle for humorous backhanding of the faith. And this time we get a bonus: the mirage of science and Christianity being incompatible. Now there’s up-to-date thinking. But I’ll grant it’s easy to mislead viewers into thinking Christian thought can’t address tired old arguments against a theistic worldview.  Honestly, though, what can you expect from an industry that has produced a panoply of movies that, fifteen years ago, would have gone straight to Mystery Science Theater 3000 for the mockfest they deserve?  Does it really take any intelligence to give us movies  like Gnomeo and Juliet, Rango, Hoodwinked, and the Smurfs. Talk about a brain drain.

But it isn’t about brains; it’s about making their own religious statement (poorly, but widely).